Continuous Rambling

Prepare your bodies gals (and guys). This is a long'un. Today I'm doing something I never do. Right now I am sat in a cafe waiting to pick up Edoardo from Judo- the glamorous life of an au pair- and this is definitely going to confuse some of you, but I'm actually writing in my notebook for it to be typed up later. That's right. I'm the cultured girl sat in the beautiful cafe, drinking a cappuccino and writing about life... Except sadly, this is a road side cafe, I'm drinking iced tea because past experience has taught me the coffee here is lethal and although I am sat at my own table, a large 40 year old Italian bloke has just come and sat down at my table. So I am concentrating on writing and don't really know what to do.

I feel a bit like I should have started this 'post' off with Dear Diary, because that's what this is like and pre-warning, this post is a little bit diary like. In fact, I've been thinking. I know this may be a shock to some of you... Alice, thinking, really?! But it's true. And mostly I've been thinking about the dangerous territory that is my life. Over thinking everything is a bit of a superpower of mine, but I have some confessions and thoughts that I need to throw out there. And I've decided this is the way to go about it, after all this is my little internet space, and I've experienced first hand how lovely and supportive you all are, no matter how much I go on and on and on and on and on.

So firstly, confession time. Don't worry I'm not about to let you in on my secret drug habit or assassination past. To throw it out there, I am leaving the land of pizza and sexy Italian men, early. I know. Unfortunately I don't really feel like divulging why... I had to have a big think about it and I'd be lying if I said I don't feel like a bit of a failure. But anyway, instead of September, I will be coming back in July. Despite my initial 'oh my god, I'm a failure how will I ever show my face in my tiny Dorset town ever again' attitude, I've actually taken a positive approach. I will have spent 6 and a half months living and working in a foreign country. I've learnt an adequate amount of a language I only knew 'Hello' in when arriving, and I've made some amazing friends. I know it sounds like I'm trying to justify myself and my life choices to you... and that's probably because I am...

Okay, next up, if you haven't noticed, my posts are long. Like really long. Longer than 99% of the other blogs I read. And whilst I don't think that's a problem (clearly my favourite humans -you- don't mind it), I also feel like I need another outlet. Which is why as soon as humanly possible, ideally within the next couple of months, I will be starting up my Youtube channel. I know I've talked a bit about this before, but it's super important to me that you all know I am not abandoning blogging life. I'm not replacing the B with a V.. I will stay here as long as people read this (and probably beyond that)! Also when the time comes, I'd really really appreciate a bit of support and lovin'! Simply because I'm just not the kind of human to bombard other videos asking to be watched. There's nothing wrong with that, I know plenty of people who do. But similar to when I started blogging, I don't want people to feel obliged to watch me! If you like it, HOORAY! If you don't like it then obviously that's fine too, and if you feel like throwing various objects at my face whilst watching then please let me down gently in comments etc. I'll try really hard not to cry. I promise.

So far I've written two and a half A4 pages. What has my life come to. I haven't even talked to you about the incident last Sunday where I was approached and hit on by a man in the super market.... whilst I was buying tampons. Keeping it classy! I've had a sudden urge of motivation and inspiration and feel like the white blank page that has been sat in my brain for so long finally has some colours and swirly patterns on it, so hopefully you will get some entertaining not-a-diary entry posts. I'd also LOVE it, if you could go and have a sneaky peak at my friend Will's blog. That's right, a fella is joining us. He's just started a fashion/lifestyle blog, I always think it's worth checking new people out and somebody really really fabulous designed his blog (....yup... that would be me..). Apologies for today if anyone really hates ramblers. Although I feel like if you hated ramblers, you probably wouldn't have reached the end, then I can only assume you enjoy my posts... or you are procrastinating.

Ciao for now 

P.S. Last night I found myself watching Youtube interviews with Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone... which then led onto watching Josh Hutcherson and Jennifer Lawrence.... and then I discovered Sam Claflin. I mean, really discovered him. I didn't notice him much in Catching Fire really but can we all thank the Lord tonight that Sam Claflin exists? What an incredible human being. Blimey. 


  1. thank you lots and lots alice and well done on so many views it's amazing! xx

  2. I absolutely love your blog Alice, thank you so much and I'm sure something'll go your way! Good Luck and Take Care :)

  3. Oh Alice I absolutely love reading your blogs! They're so amazingly written! I feel like I've already told you that but that's okay I'll do it again probably. I was just watching Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield videos too..instead of studying..and then I logged onto bloglovin...and read your blog..I should be studying.


    1. thank you! your comments always make me SO happy!!!!!!!! hahah don't worry everyone i know is procrastinating, i can't blame you!

  4. I love these long and rambling posts, to me they are so interesting and your writing is really good! :)

  5. This was such a nice post! You shouldn't feel like a failure anyway. What you've done is bloody brilliant and loads of people wouldn't have the balls to do it... heck I don't think I would! What's important is that it has taught you things and you got to experience a part of the world you probably wouldn't have had a chance to otherwise. And that's brilliant....
    anyway dribble of nonsense over.
    looking forward to the youtube videos
    Bronwen x

  6. I love these kind of posts when you just speak your mind! You are not a failure but I know how you feel. I volunteered in morocco last year and cut my stay a month short because of a few reasons but I felt like such a loser to the people at home that were reading me blog about it. However I realised i was doing it for me and not for them so I make the decisions that are the best for me :) hope you enjoy your last few months in Italy and I am excited to start watching you over on the you tubes