My Goals for 25

I'm two months into 25, and given the year we've all had, it's fair to say 25 has thus far, been pretty bloody weird.

In some ways, it's been underwhelming. I've seen very few people, I'm still living at home, I'm pretty much exactly the same as I was at 24, although admittedly, slightly fitter. 

But then I've also had some pretty great things happen. I've made a vague plan for the rest of my year which depends ~entirely~ on Coronavirus (obviously). I've started a new job at a startup that I'm hugely excited to be a part of, I've met friends, I've caught up with family and taken part in countless Zoom quizzes.

Masks are now a norm, social distancing is still a thing and 2020 is pretty much the year we're all going to look back on and think, wtf happened. 

However, I do want to have some goals for 25. 

I love a list. I love making lists and ignoring them for 12 months only to revisit them and think "Ah, I didn't do that but I did do this."

So, with a quarter of a century under my belt - here's what I'm hoping to achieve at 25:

Build my Portfolio

I've been writing AliceMoyna since 2013. I monetised it in 2015, and I've been writing professionally since 2017. However, my career as a writer is currently pretty limited to published articles from when I was a writer for an Australian publication... and ghostwriting. 

Here's the thing, ghostwriting is where the money is. And no, I don't write for money - God knows, my blog is a passion project - but it is a fantastic way for me to write as a career, and continue to gain invaluable skills - whilst also, hopefully putting some of my free time into what I do want to be writing. So I'm hoping, this year, to spend a little bit more time putting that into practice. Submitting articles, pitching, just putting my name out there rather than the name of whoever I'm currently writing for. 

Run a 10k

I was one of those awful people who actually benefitted from lockdown in a couple of ways. Whilst yes, my whole life was uprooted, one thing that it did give the kick up the arse to do, was start running. What I learnt during this time, is that nobody, NOBODY, likes running. At least, not anybody I talked to. But once you get used to it you'll find you start craving runs, and that is what keeps people running - not the actual exercise itself.

This realisation was bizarre and frankly, appalling. But I did Couchto5K and was running 5K by May. I'll let my body get used to that before it keels over, but then in the autumn, I'd like to train for a 10K and build up a half-marathon. But let's not dream too big, hey.

Move to a new European Country

Ok, I put this one in here on purpose. I actually do have plans to move abroad later this year, but I want to be as safe and responsible as possible, so I'm willing to pull the rug at any point. 

Thanks to my job, I can move anywhere in the world so long as I'm in my meetings and generating the necessary work. I've previously lived in France and Italy, and with the gentle persuasion of a couple of my German friends, I've been convinced that Germany must be my next destination. Moving into the EU to make the most of it before Brexit was on my agenda from day one of the NZ borders closing, but it's always been dependent on my job and, obviously, Coronavirus. So when I told my friends at the end of June that I had been offered a remote position, it kicked me into gear about where I would want to go. Stay tuned (as I said, this is still not concrete because the world is still mad).

Pay off my Overdraft

Fuck that fucking overdraft. And me. For getting myself into it in my first year of university. Any time I've been close to getting out, I've bought a flight. So, yep. This should really be number one on my list, and for the first time in a while, it's pretty feasible thanks to a steady income and no invoice-chasing.

Learn to Drive

If I had a pound for every time somebody overreacted to this confession, I would, in fact, have successfully paid off my overdraft. No, I cannot drive. Yes, I really am 25. Again, every time I had the money to learn to drive (or the time), I've bought a flight.

I've also pretty much always known/assumed that when living in the UK, I'll be based in London, where you really, really don't need a car. So getting a license in the UK has always felt like a waste of time - when in reality, I know it's not.

Live With Friends (again)

Ah, I just miss living with friends. I love my parents, I do. I love living with people who actively worry and want to know where I am because they care. But I also miss my freedom. I miss the ability to go out and not worry that they're worried. I want to go on dates and not have to think about a 'meet the parents' situation. I want to go out and get hammered and lie in bed on the brink of hangover death and not feel ever-so-slightly judged. After almost five months, I'm just starting to miss my own space a bit. 

Spend some of the WHV in New Zealand

The night before I arrived in NZ, I was with family friends in Mornington Peninsula (just outside of Melbourne), laughing about the pandemic. Not like 'haha' laughing, more like disbelief. Things felt like they were amplifying overnight - and had I realised, that less than a week after landing in New Zealand, I'd be back in the UK... well... obviously, I wouldn't have gone. 

The minute I went through passport security in Auckland, my 12-month working holiday visa was triggered. I have until March 17th to get back and extend it for another 12 months or to just go back at some point and experience the life I missed out on. I know, realistically, I won't be able to stay out there for another year - but I'm clinging to the possibility that I could use some of that WHV.

Send off for my Irish Passport

About a month ago, my Dad received his Irish passport in the post. It took him six months, but the processing time for me (due to being another step away in lineage) is more like 18 months to 2 years. At the end of the day, I am lucky enough to be entitled to an Irish passport, and in the meantime, I can spend a few months of the year in the EU. But I need to gather all of the information and send it off so that I'm not still waiting aged 30.

So, a short but sweet list of things I’d like to achieve by the age of 26 and most of it entirely dependent on the goings on in the world.

Fingers crossed, hey.

Love, Alice x