My June Goals

Somehow, it seems, we are half-way through the year.

I'm not sure how this happened, because I'm fairly positive it was New Years Day just yesterday - but there we go.

This month is a very exciting month, not just because it's *ahem* my 23rd birthday on the 8th, but this June also happens to involve a lot of change.

I'll let you all in on the changes veryyyy soon, but because there's so much going  - and after my little blip at the end of May - I wanted to create some goals for this month to keep me motivated and on track.

Create (and stick to) a blogging schedule
Stage 1 is complete, I've created a June blogging schedule full of all the posts I want to write and when I want them to go up (3x a week - eeeeeeek).

I decided I wanted to really start taking blogging seriously, which means creating a more regimented blogging style and actually working on "pushing" Alice's Antics, since for the last five years I've just sort of let followers come to me, rather than try and gain them myself.

Read More
I just finished reading The Lie, by C.L. Taylor and it made me realise just how much I'm missing reading at the moment.

I'm an avid reader (and clearly, writer) myself, I get absolutely lost in books. For the first part of this year I was doing really well, but I slipped into listening to audiobooks rather than picking up a tangible book.

I love audiobook, but nothing beats snuggling down with a real book - and with the Aussie winter well and truly here, I am so ready to read some recommendations.

If you have any must-reads, PLEASE let me know!

Organise a trip to see more of Australia
I'm currently pretty settled in Sydney, but since moving here, all I've seen of Australia... is Sydney.

Oh, and Canberra, but that was a bit of a weird experience.

So this month, I want to at least organise a trip to get out of Syndey and see more of my current home state.

Create more content for my Youtube channel
After deciding to really hone in on Alice's Antics, the courtesy definitely needs to extend out to my Youtube channel.

I love creating and editing videos, but finding the time can be pretty tough, so I'm going to FINALLY use my diary and actually put it to some good use.

Get ready for more storytimes, life advice and just some good old travel videos.

Make my new house (apartment) a home
Surprise! I'm moving out of my au pair life and into a different apartment, with three girls and two dogs.

Although I absolutely love my au pair host family, I can't say I'm not excited to live with young adults again and have my own space which I can decorate and just make my own.

I always knew I'd be leaving my au pair room in the near future so didn't really bother to decorate it - I also knew it would be another au pairs room soon, so didn't want to go in too hard with home-decor.

But my new room is going to be very much my own and as I don't quite know my future plans, it could stay my room/apartment for a good old while.

Basically, I have an excuse to buy fairy lights.

Get on the health and fitness wagon
With the end of au pairing, comes the end of running around after a 3-year-old. Which, I'm fairly sure, is the only reason I haven't put on weight since moving out here.

Although I love my job (literally, I write for a living, it's my dream), I also am sat down for... oooh, a solid 93% of my day.

Luckily, I've actually ended up moving into an apartment with the biggest reason ever to go to the gym... there's one in the building.

Gone are my excuses, I can't even use bad weather as an excuse. In the floor below me, is a swimming pool and a gym, so basically, I have no reason to get my lazy-ass on the treadmill.

If you have any books to recommend or any monthly goals yourself, let me know! I'd love to hear them!

Love, Alice x