Discovering Sydney's Secret Wonderland, The Grounds of Alexandria

When you think of Sydney, a few things might come to mind.

The Opera House, probably.

The beach.

Hot weather.

...maybe spiders or sharks.

Sydney is a city on the coast, which makes it basically a haven for swimwear-Instagrammers, heading off in their short shorts, ready for one of those iconic Bondi Beach photos.

I'm deffo not judging, I've so been there.

The city itself, honestly, isn't too much to shout about. It's a concrete jungle. It has "cool" bits and the bits you'd definitely want to avoid late at night.

But then, deep in the suburb of one of the most central part of Sydney, there is, essentially, a car park.

A car park, just off the main road, on what looks like an industrial estate.

If it weren't for the sign, reading "The Grounds of Alexandria", you would probably walk straight past.

But if you're lucky enough to know of its existence, you'll find yourself in a wonderland.

The Grounds of Alexandria is its own little world.

Just visiting it is an experience in itself, but primarily, it's a place to go for great food and great drink.

The Grounds open at 7am, perfect for an early start, and the gates aren't closed until 10pm.

There's a number of places to eat, we chose "The Potting Shed" for a late-lunch, which was table service and definitely a weekend treat.

The food and service was amazing and it seemed most people were there for an occasion.

However, if you didn't quite fancy the dine-in experience, you could grab a little something from one of the many stalls and either take it away, or sit in the beautiful free-for-all garden.

(Which comes complete with chickens, a pig, and the most beautiful shrubbery and flower decor you have probably ever seen in your life).

There was JUST time to visit the incredible flower bouquets on sale.

And, of course, squeeze in a little photoshoot of our own.

The only negative thing I can say about this play is the harsh reality of leaving the Grounds of Alexandria behind, as you wander back into the concrete jungle.

If you're in Sydney, you have to check it out. 

I posted a whole youtube video on Sunday exploring the best secret places to visit in Sydney!

Let me know if you have any Australia recommendations of your own, I'm loving exploring my new home!

I hope you're all having wonderful weeks.

Love, Alice x