LIFE UPDATE: Sun, Sea and Moving to Sydney

Does anyone else feel as though they blinked, and then suddenly found themselves at the end of April?

That is my current state.

A slightly-blurry mess, sat in a coffee shop and drinking an oh-so-naughty iced mocha (they make them with ice cream here).

But it's time again for another "life update" post, and I feel slightly bad about it.

Because as you may have noticed, I've only written one blog post in almost two months.

Which makes this the end of the longest hiatus Alice's Antics has seen in almost 5 years.

Half of my job right now is writing content for online publications, but it sort of hurts my heart that the writing I'm doing isn't going into this blog, because the reason I even got the job in the first place, was because of Alice's Antics.

Not the £27,000 degree I have, lol.

But what's going on in my life - where have I BEEN? What wild Australian adventures have I been on?

Have I encountered a dingo yet?

Thankfully, Sydney isn't really a dingo-hangout.

I've been in Australia for 3 and a half months, which actually makes my head spin, but I am loving it.

When I first moved to Sydney, I have to be honest, I wasn't entirely convinced by the city. I'd just moved away from London and felt like I'd landed in a hotter version of the city I'd left - featuring a lot more beaches and a lot less history.

But over the last three months, I have honestly fallen in love with this city.

So much so, that I've actually just accepted a full-time job in Sydney, as the place I'm interning has offered to turn my internship into a role.

Which means I will soon be leaving my au pair position -  and *sob* my kingsize bed -  and will be moving into a travellers apartment, where I will almost definitely be sharing a bedroom with at least one other person.

But you gotta do what you gotta do.

Working in the city, the biggest challenge so far for me has been to remember that I am in fact a traveller, passing through, and not an Aussie resident.

Which is why I think in some ways, moving into an apartment with a group of others all trying to save money, will probably help me a lot with bringing me into reality.

Because right now, I live a pretty comfy life.

I'll be in Sydney until at least September, at which time I'll have to make the decision of whether I want to continue working until December (at which point I always planned to travel around Australia for the 6 weeks before my visa expires) OR grit my teeth and go off to do my 88 days of "farm work".

Because if you didn't know, to extend your one-year visa into a two-year visa, you've got to "work the land" for 88 days.

Like, really, that's a thing.

For now,  though, you'll be able to find me making the most of my last month with my king-size bed.

Love, Alice x