The Look What I Did List 2017 | Blogmas Day 11

If you've been reading this little internet space for at least a year, you'll know over on Alice's Antics, we like to spice life up from the ordinary New Year Resolutions lists (although I do enjoy one of those too - all lists are welcome here) and instead, write a reflection on the year gone by.

1. I GRADUATED from University. The biggest of them all. I am now a graduate. Alice Dodd the graduate. How did that happen? I'm not even sure, but it did definitely happen, I have the paper to prove it, and I am SO proud of myself.

2. I won a university award for my role as Head of Marketing for the student radio station. I never ever thought I'd win any kind of awards at university, but in March this year I won one for my time at Insanity Radio, there may have been tears...

3. I GOT a London job straight out of university.  This remains one of the things I'm proudest of this year, because despite everything, my hard work paid off and I managed to defy the statistics and land a job in PR within a week of finishing my final year exams and exactly where I thought I wanted to be.

4. ....And then I quit said London job and moved back home. I'm going to say it, I actually think this is the bravest life choice I've ever made. It was terrifying and felt a lot like admitting defeat, but it's already turning out to be for the greater good.

5. I made some incredible new friends. Every year I'm astounded at how I've met such fantastic people who didn't exist in my life before now. In my current job and my job in France, I've come across people who I genuinely consider some of my close friends and that is spectacular.

This year has been an absolute rollercoaster, but also a first time EVER because guess who kept all of her New Years Resolutions from the beginning of the year???? Dat me.

Not only did I get a 2.1 and I now read more than ever before, I also went to Paris for the first time ever, said no to being in the rabbit run of life and have fallen back in love with Alice's Antics. So all in all, we could say this has been a very successful year. I love seeing it all written it out like this because sometimes it's so easy to lose sight and put your year down to whether you're 6 stone lighter or have run a marathon.

Turns out, 2017 was a treat.

And we're one year closer to getting rid of Donald Trump.

Love, Alice x