10 Things I'm Excited For This Christmas | Blogmas Day 2

Do you do that thing where you plan festive activities to make the season feel more special? I definitely do. I love sitting down with a christmas film, but it's so much better after a Carol Concert or a night with friends drinking mulled wine. Even thinking about what I have planned this month makes my little heart flutter, I LOVE THIS SEASON SO BLOODY MUCH. Right. Let's crack on.

1. Going to see Harry Potter and the Cursed Child!!!! We booked our tickets in November 2016, so it's safe to say we have been waiting forever. And when the tickets came through the letter box last week, I almost cried with excitement, it's FINALLY HERE! Only 3 days to go!

2. Having a Christmas shopping day. I tend to order half of my presents online, and then go to the nearest big town or city for maximum productivity, almost always with a festive coffee shop drink in hand.

3. Making mulled wine. Because mulled wine is up there as one of the best things about Christmas.

4. London at Christmas! If you haven't been to London during Christmas time, we are the city who know how to do it. From Winter Wonderland (over priced in my opinion, but v festive) to Harrods free christmas photo booth, London becomes a festive city of cheer and it is bloody beautiful.

5. Having Christmas Day with friends and family. This year we have my mum's best friend and her whole family coming down, and every time we're together we end up singing, dancing, laughing and drinking way too much. So Christmas will definitely be no exception, just 100x more intense!

6. Decorating the Christmas tree! Obviously this was going to be on my list. We have a whole palava about going out to get the Christmas tree, potting it and decorating it, then figuring out who's turn it is this year to put the star on top, and we listen to the Nativity! soundtrack during the whole thing. Is anything better? (No)

7. The present wrapping process. I know for a fact, I am not the only person who gets excited about wrapping presents. I get almost as excited as when I'm buying them! I love getting creative with how to decorate my presents, and I have to confess, Zoe Sugg (Zoella) is a huge wrapping inspiration of mine as she just does it so well, and documents it so we can all use her ideas!

8. Winter walks. Walking in the winter is a weird one, you feel sort of unnatural to be outside in the weather, but (hopefully) you're fully wrapped up in hats, gloves and scarves and it just feels so nice. It also makes for a great date idea, especially if there's a toasty warm pub on the horizon with a log fire!

9. Making a Christmas Cheesecake. So, I kind of want to turn this into a tradition, as I made my first one last year. You may have seen my Honeycomb and Salted Caramel Cheesecake recipe, it was so big, we ended up giving it out to friends and neighbours! This year, I'm very keen to make another cheesecake and just basically make it a tradition to feed up the local neighbourhood, I've been thinking and researching already, and I do have a rough idea..... obviously there will be a blog post about it too... !

10. Vlogmas! I couldn't possibly be the internet human I am, without mentioning Vlogmas. I must watch a hundred of them. And this year, I'm joining in, hopefully somewhat more successfully than last year. I'll be vlogging every single day, as is traditional, but I'm going to put them into a weekly vlog and upload on a Sunday. I'm so excited to watch everybody daily vlog and to get involved myself!

What are you looking forward to this season?

Love, Alice x



  1. I love these posts!! Can't wait to read them for the rest of december. A question: who are your favourite youtubers who do vlogmas? I'm on the hunt for new accounts to watch, so I'dd love to hear. Also can't wait to see your videos!

    Greetings, Eline

    1. Hi lovely lady! Thank you so much! I'm going to do a whole post on the vlogmasses but I watch Zoella, Tanya Burr, Giovanna Fletcher, Kandee Johnson, Rhiannon Ashlee and My Life as Eva! Thank you for your support, Alice x