Why Uncertainty is the Best Thing About Your 20s

The unknown. I've watched enough Blue Planet II to know it's terrifying - and also bloody amazing. Pretty much exactly the same as your twenties. Being in your twenties is a learning process. It's figuring out who you want to be right now, and balancing that with who you'll be in five or ten years. Knowing you can do a season in 'Maga' if you want to, but also that it's not going to be the rest of your life. Nothing is permanent, everything is a learning process, and forgive me if I'm wrong, but I think that's pretty exciting.

Nobody knows who they are when they're 21. You can have a mortgage, a partner and children, and I'm still willing to bet the person you are when you're 21 is going to be a world away from the 29 year old mindset you'll enter your 30s with.

There's a huge pressure on us having our life figured out as we enter 'adulthood'. Knowing exactly what we want, when we want it and who we want it with. But there's a lot of world to see. There's a lot to do and a lot to experience and the best thing about it, is that after years of being under  the direction of teachers, parents and lecturers, we're finally our own bosses, and can make our own mistakes, paving our own way on our own path rather than one carved out for you.

Our teens were full of firsts. First kisses, first try of a cigarette, first drinks, first relationships. Your 20s are full of experimenting. You're not going to be in school, you're not going to be doing the same old thing. Most of us have no idea what we'll be doing, and we have this time to trial it all out, without people thinking we're having a midlife crisis.

Questioning if you're in the right place, keeps you standing in the same position. Which is why it's so important to take risks and embrace the opportunities thrown at you whilst you can. Whilst you don't have ties and can do whatever the bloodyhell you fancy. I have friends who are living all over the world right now, friends who dropped out of their Masters degrees because they were unhappy, friends who are living in London working their way up in their dream industry. Trusting your instinct and embracing the uncertainties of life is terrifying, but there's no better time to do it.

If you feel like you're lost, if you feel like you don't know what day it is, you don't know what you want, and you feel like you don't know who you are, you're doing your twenties right. Go out and discover. Live life and find out everything you like and don't like. Snog the wrong people and find out the alcohol which makes you lie on the bathroom floor at 5am. Embrace this hot mess of a decade, and live every second of it. Because as soon as you're in your white picket fence house with your 2.5 children, you'll be wishing you could do it all over again.

Love, Alice x