My Top 5 Binge Worthy TV Shows

I don't know about you, but one of my favourite things about this time of year, is knowing you can snuggle up every evening with a cuppa and be guilt-free, because the weather is terrible. In my opinion, it's the perfect excuse to start a TV/Netflix Series, and it's the reason there's so much bloody good telly on it at the moment. Because for the first time in 6 months, we're ready to hibernate again under blankets, equipped with hot chocolate and a fantastic drama. And here I am, to tell you about what I've been obsessing over recently.

Outlander (2 Seasons + Currently Airing Season 3)
If you spend anymore than a couple of hours with me, you'll reach a point where I ask you 'have you watched Outlander'. There are honestly no WORDS to describe how great this drama is. It revolves around Claire a nurse in WWII, who is in Scotland with her husband to rekindle their marriage in a post-war era. Some crazy stuff happens, Claire finds herself in the middle of the 1740's Jacobite Uprising, and meets the best looking man in all the world in this 18th century time warp. Cue a lot of sex, war, grand balls and mud huts, it has absolutely everything. I introduced it to my two housemates, who became obsessed and introduced it to their friends, and now a LOT of people are obsessed with it. It's fantastic. I should really write a blog post on that alone.

How to Get Away With Murder (3 Seasons)
Once you get over seeing Harry Potter's Dean Thomas out of his Gryffindor robes, HTGAWM is a rollercoaster ride. Revolving around the INCREDIBLE Queen that is Viola Davis, a lawyer and lecturer, and five of her students, each episode revolves around a different case, whilst there's one continuing plot line of who killed the body shown in the flash forward in the first episode. Season 1 & 3 are incredible, with a slight dip in Season 2, but none the less, it's well worth your time, if not just for Viola Davis' incredible acting.

Jane the Virgin (3 Seasons + Season 4 out on Oct 13)
Let's lighten up this party shall we? Jane the Virgin is, alongside Outlander, my other favourite show on television. Adapted from the Venezuelan show of the same name, it will honestly have you laughing and crying within minutes. What the bloody hell do you do if you're artificially inseminated with your boss's baby by his sister? A question none of us hope to ever find out - but Jane does. The humour is on point, and it is honestly a work of art. (#TeamRaphael)

Designated Survivor (1 Season + Currently Airing Season 2)
I recommended Designated Survivor to my friend Charley the other night, and we said we'd watch the first episode... 5 episode's later, and it was 2am and we were STILL watching it. Appealing largely to the political side of me, it's a big budget Netflix own, which centres around Tom Kirkman, who finds himself nominated as the designated survivor during the State of the Union, and what happens when on that same night, Capital Hill is blown up, and Kirkman is sworn in as president of the United States. It's bloody dramatic and with so many cliffhangers, I highly recommend you watch it with a full day ahead of you, so you don't find yourself up at 5am still glued to the screen.

Broadchurch (3 Seasons)
If you haven't heard of Broadchurch - where have you been? I'm partially biased because it's filmed and centred around one of my local beaches, HOWEVER, it is also the defining ITV drama. The one that people are like 'X was good, but not quite Broadchurch.' When the first season aired, you could not go anywhere without somebody mentioning it, and it remains one of the best dramas I've ever watched. After a child dies in a small Dorset town, you're left to guess what happened, and who did it. You will guess EVERYONE, and it's only 6 episodes per season - easily a weekender surely? 

I hope you find a lil' something to spend your autumn evenings watching! If you have any suggestions of what to watch, I am always all ears!

Love, Alice x 


  1. So many people have told me to watch Outlander, but I've never gotten round to it, maybe it's about time I start it. Also HTGAWM is gr8888!

    1. Honestly, it's AMAZING! I couldn't recommend it enough! xx

  2. Loved this post! This time of year is definitely fab for TV series! I didn't like Jane the Virgin though. Couldn't understand the hype, but Broadchurch was amazing! One of those series I wished I didn't watch so I could watch it again!
    Have a lovely day!
    -Cait xx

    1. I basically live for Jane the Virgin but completely understand it's not to everyone's taste - How to Get Away With Murder is fantastic if you enjoy murder mysteries (which it sounds like you do)! Have a lovely day also! x