5 Happy Things This Week #2

Last week I started this blog series, '5 Happy Things'. I've decided to start writing a blog Monday - Friday, and although that's a huge task when you're also working, I want to start taking my blog more seriously. Although there aren't any other weekly series, I felt like having my Monday post planned every single week gets the ball rolling. At the moment, I'm also feeling all of the feelings ever and feeling very overwhelmed in life and my life choices. I've chosen happiness over practicality recently (you can read about it here), and although I have no regrets, it is a very daunting prospect. As I explained last week, this weekly dose of reflection on the week past pulls out all the bright spots.

Last week was, quite frankly, bizarre. I felt like I hardly knew myself and between being ill, having panic attacks and having a near death experience (I may be being a little over dramatic there...), my head has been going 10000 miles an hour. But I'm at home in Dorset now, with my labradoodle Elvis by my side, and it means I can reflect properly on the week I've had.

1) On Wednesday, I went to see Alvaro and Ryan for the last time until probably around October. We just bonded and Alvaro cooked dinner for me and to be honest, it was just delightful.

2) I started two new things this week. One was a new book, The Couple Next Door by Shari Lapena and it's bloody great. Highly recommended - I'm halfway through and loving every word. I also, *drum roll please* started watching Game of Thrones. I KNOW. Talk about late to the party. But after 6 years of getting slight-fomo, I finally decided now's my time.  Somehow I've missed a lot of the spoilers bar Jon Snow and the Starks, although I have no idea when these happen or what happens, so I've still got a lot to look forward to. I'm only on S1 E9 but so far so good (I'm also in love with Khalessi).

3) I was reunited with one of my favourite people, Kate, for a bitter sweet reunion. It was wonderful to see her after over a month, but it was also a sad occasion as we are both moving out of uni house, so were there to clean up and say goodbye to the end of an era. After a long day of cleaning we all settled down with a take away on Saturday night to watch Catch Me If You Can and I was just so happy to be reunited.

4) Tying into this, was meeting up with Molly for coffee. Molly is one of my best friends from uni, and arguably the person who dragged me through to achieving a 2.1 and graduating. We met in a lecture in second year and to be honest, it's probably the closest I've ever come to love at first sight - she had a Slytherin notebook and I just knew we'd hit it off. So this was again happy and sad, because I'm moving back home and far away from where we both live now, but seeing her is always a joyous occasion.

5) My biggest happiness is, to be honest, sharing my blog post on 'Why I've Quit My London Job to Move Home'. I've had the biggest weight on my shoulders about the whole thing and I was inundated with messages from people who understood, it was honestly such a relief and just bloody lovely to hear from people confirming I'm not alone! 

Let me know any happiness in your week! 

Love, Alice 

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  1. Loved this post Alice! Meeting up with friends is always so fun! This week I've got a friends wedding on Friday and I love weddings so I'm so excited to be there! Also I only work one day this week, and after working nearly everyday last week I'm excited to have the time off!
    xx Kenzie