5 Happy Things This Week #1

I'm in a bit of a limbo at the moment as I progress into adulthood. I'm not at the stage, as of yet, where I think of myself as an actual, functioning adult. But I probably should. In the words of Britney, I'm not a girl, not yet a woman (amen). And although I'm not quite 2006 Britney, my brain does feel like it's all over the place. So to document this time in my life, I thought I'd create a 5 Happy Things weekly list, detailing some of the happy moments of the week. 

1) On Monday, myself and my colleague-turned-friend Hannah, decided to go to a coffee shop on our lunch break, and just read in companionable silence together. This was an absolute mile stone because you just know someone's a pal for life when you can sit in silence together, and it was a delightful hour (although too short). 

2)  On Wednesday, I had an adult sleepover with my friend Charlotte in her swanky London house. Adult sleepovers include wine instead of (or as well as) hot chocolate. And the conversations you have are about the not-so-distant future as opposed to when you're 15. Otherwise, it still very much includes sitting in bed watching chick flicks. 

3) On Thursday, I came home to Saffron who'd prepared dinner for us. After receiving some not-so-happy news, all I needed was to come home to love, food and wine. And Saffron provided all three. 

4) On Saturday, I went into central London for a camden picnic with one of my bestest friends Emily. We wandered around Camden and bought some delicious Greek food. We walked along the canal and up to the top of Primrose Hill, where we sat eating our cronut desserts over the London skyline. It was one of those surreal 'omg we are adulting and we live here' moments - and then the heavens opened. But it was so worth it. 

5) Last night, I had a real 'me' evening. Living in a house of 6, it can be hard to get a moment to yourself (which, don't get me wrong, I do love 99% of the time). So on Sunday, with only one housemate and her boyfriend in, I took myself upstairs, had a long shower, did a hair AND face mask (the ultimate treat), stuck on My Best Friends Wedding and had a slice of cake made by said housemate and boyfriend. It was a dream. 

Let me know what your 5 happy things were this week! 

Love, Alice x