Bottomless Brunching

Brunches have become very 'in' at the moment, haven't they? I've always been a fan, but I feel like in the last year or so, there's been a huge surge on the brunching scene, and it's become a bit of an occasion.

One of the first bottomless brunches I heard about, was found in this understated building, next to a children's play park and just off the beaten track of the Angel hub. 
You're greeted by a buzz of activity. Bartenders pouring endless glasses of bellini's, waiters running to and from tables with plates piled high (eggs seem to be the staple choice), and a computer sat on a grand piano, where the host welcomes you. 

Although we had to wait for a short while, we were handed drinks and directed to extremely comfy sofas, where we were more than happy to gossip and catch up.

After more bellini's, we were taken to our table and presented with the menu. It was an 'anything goes' vibe, from Yeezy's to stilettos, but everyone was there to bond over great food.
You pay £18 for bottomless drinks and then just pay per plate, all at very reasonable prices. The girls both opted for the Eggs Royale, poached eggs with smoked salmon on english muffins, with a side of avocado. I decided on Huevos Benedictos... the Spanish brother of eggs benedict, with chorizo and pico de gallo on an avocado-ed english muffin.

Then came the moment of truth to tell how good your eggs are.
Sat on my sofa right now, I think I'm forgiven for getting extremely hungry over these photos!

Each sitting is an hour and a half long, but we may or may not have been able to overstay our welcome.

As our booking was quite late in the day, there were some options which had run out so ensure you're there nice and early if you want the full menu. As the restaurant began to clear, we did manage to squeeze in desserts... after 7 months apart, we had a lot of catching up to do definitely required more fuel!


We left feeling very full, very merry and very grateful!

I've already booked in for my next brunch in April. It's extremely popular so if you do fancy giving it a go, I'd recommend booking at least a couple of weeks in advance.

Love, Alice x


  1. That sounds a lot for brunch, though I suppose most is the drinks. I think I would be rather tipsy by the time I came out of there!
    Amy at Amy & More


    1. It's definitely for occasions, but we definitely drank more than a bottle of prosecco each in glasses, and that would cost over £20 so it is cost effective- it definitely does get you rather tipsy though!

  2. This place looks so sweet, and the food looks great!

    Erin | This Old Joy

    1. Honestly it's so so wonderful, I highly recommend!

  3. I've never had a bottomless brunch, but I do rather like the idea, even if I probably would be rather tipsy rather quickly. Good choice with the huevos though, always my first choice and I'm always satisfied.

    Rachel x
    The Inelegant Wench