The World Has Gone Mad, and We Aren't Talking About It

That is a rather brash statement, because in fact, a lot of people are writing about it. Journalists and news broadcasters, politicians and individuals on Facebook who think they're politicians but are actually just bandwagoners. But meanwhile, in the Youtube and Blogging community, people with audiences of thousands, hundreds of thousands, millions in fact, are still talking about lipsticks and unicorn makeup brushes.

Please don't get me wrong, today I had a conversation with my friends about how much I LOVE unicorn makeup brushes. But I really struggle to understand how, if you're a social media influencer who talks about how to feel confident in your own skin, you wouldn't then show solidarity with the people who are marching on the streets around the world. Why you wouldn't write a tweet saying, 'btw, women's march next week, let's GO.' 

As a blogger, I understand. I understand how your blog is your happy place. How most Youtubers sugar coat their days so their viewers aren't watching them cry into their cornflakes. I even understand, how Politics used to be a bit of a taboo subject. Particularly when there's a large audience, you're always going to offend someone. 

But times are changing. In the same way you once could never imagine earning a living filming your daily grinds, Politics is, dare I say it, becoming 'cool'. Everyone has an opinion, everyone's becoming involved, and whether you agree with the person sat next to you or not, it can only be described as progression to know they have an opinion at all. 

This week, President Trump (vom) has begun his term in office by instilling terror, racism and misogyny in his administration. And how many popular bloggers have I seen mention this? Tweet about it, instagram it, show evidence in any way, that they KNOW what is going on and they are against it? No one. 

It's January 2017 and the top three trending Facebook news stories right now, are '#Muslim Ban', 'JFK Airport' - where a muslim airline employee was attacked, and 'Victoria Texas' - where a mosque was destroyed by a fire. My timeline is awash with news articles about Trump's executive seven country ban order. Everybody is talking about it. Yet, there's a majority of silence from the Youtubers and bloggers who have more followers than a small country, whose word is law to the 14 year olds who watch every, single, video.

Does there not come a point, where the repercussions of speaking out, outweigh the risk of doing so? If we're not at this point now, when the leader of the 'free world' is risking the livelihood of millions, when is it? When people are dying as a result? Because that's already happening. When white people are dying? When white men are dying?

  Change did not come around because people stayed silent. Change came to those who sang, and marched and fought. We're in a different era now, an era where a 140 character tweet can reach millions. Where a viral video can inspire a generation. So why is this not being utilised by the most valuable individuals on the internet?

You don't need to be an expert on feminism to be an advocate of women's rights. You don't need a degree in International Relations to know refugees need as much aid as possible. Write about your outfits and your lipsticks and your vegan diet. But talk about how to donate old clothes to charity, write about how you don't need to be a female to wear lipstick, and post photos of how your morning smoothie bowl is gearing you up to support women, LGBTQ people and men as they march across the city. Spread awareness, spread words, use every means possible to draw attention to the world going mad. Why would you not talk about it? 

Love, Alice x


  1. I, personaly chose to not mention it on my blog because I don't feel like I know enough to have a strong opinion, that and I also feel too young to have an opinion. Many adults I talk to think that I'm young and 'I think I know everything'and, like you said, any view on politics offends someone.
    I'm not saying that this excuse is 'good enough'but I thought I'd write it here all the same.
    I enjoyed this post though, I think you wrote it SO well!! I'll definitely be sharing it on my social medias.
    Have a great day!
    -Cait xx

    1. Thank you for your support! I completely understand your reasons (although I don't think 'adults' should be putting you off), however I do think it's important to show your support for the things you believe in! Thanks again! Alice x

  2. This is such a wonderful post! I've been looking to do a post on the current situation, but no matter how many times I've tried, I just can't manage it. Unfortunately my writing skills aren't exactly wonderful and I feel like there are so many other amazing bloggers who are voicing their and my opinions so much better than I ever could. But I agree that people with large followings should be making some sort of attempt, even if it's only retweeting and letting people know about marches and petitions

    Lauren | Lauren the Daydreamer

    1. Your opinion is so valuable! I completely appreciate it's a really hard topic to articulate, I spent a lot of time writing this post and had quite a few people read it over! To be honest this blog post is largely targeting those who have the ability to speak out, and decide not to, when they have the potential to make a huge difference. I think there's a difference between this, and wanting to speak out but not finding the way to articulate yourself properly. Thank you for reading it! x