How to Get Up In the Morning and Adult (When You Really Don't Want to Adult)

It's 7:30am and your alarm has just gone off. For the 6th time. Because hello snooze button.

Sometimes getting up in the morning is the biggest chore of the day, and once you're up and showered, you wonder where that dread ever came from. It may be early morning but you can totally do this.

But then there are those days when all you want to do is pull the cover over your head and snuggle back down into the duvet. Preferably with a furry animal of some sort snoozing next to you. I understand, it's pretty tough to remove yourself from bed when bed is just so damn comfortable. 

Especially when, once you're finally up, your mental to-do list is piling up to the point of drowning

Which is why I've come up with my top life tips for how to a) get up and b) function as an adult, when Jane the Virgin is calling your name.

 Get yourself a radio alarm
Do you ever have that feeling when your alarm goes off and your stomach just drops. And then any time you hear the same noise/song you want to cry because it reminds you of being jolted awake?? I used to set my favourite songs as a way to wake up on the right side of bed... and so far have only succeeded in ruining said songs. Which is why I decided to get myself a radio alarm clock. Every morning I'm awoken by a different song or the sound of a presenters voice. And for the first solid 3 months, I definitely felt like I was in a film (all films have radio alarms). It made the waking up process a whole lot easier and I highly recommend it. 

Write Your To-Do List the Night Before
To do lists can be both a blessing and a curse. But mainly, they stop you overloading your life. If you don't have a diary, write down what you need to do tomorrow the night before. It'll stop you from taking too much on board and give you goals for the day. Goals are good. We like goals.

Have a Hearty Breakfast
If you're anything like me, food is probably the best motivator in life. I tend to wake up a bit earlier so I can sit in my dressing gown and properly eat breakfast rather than rush down a piece of toast and swig of orange juice. Having something in mind or prepared is a bit of motivation to get you out of bed when your stomach is growling. Overnight oats sitting in the fridge, eggs benedict or just a bowl of your favourite cereal. Have something in mind to get you out of bed.

Early Morning Gym-ing
I wonder how many people will skip over this section? I have to admit, I am a morning gym person (not quite 'gym bunny' yet). I know, deep down, despite the morning struggle, I will not regret working out in the morning. If you don't like classic gym workouts, sign yourself up to a morning class. Once you've been, you're done. That's it. Your exercise of the day is over before 9 o'clock. To add to that accomplished feeling, exercising earlier also gets your brain into gear and ready to tackle the day. It's a highly recommended tactic from me, but I know it's quite (very) acquired. 

Colour Code Your Diary
In my first year, I took on a bit too much. And sometime in March, I called my mum up in tears, threatening to drop out and telling her the pile of work and commitments I had was too much to function. Which is when she gave me some good old mum advice. Think of the load as a pack of cards, and split them up into suits. Or into numbers. However many piles you need, split up your load and prioritise them. Which is exactly what I did. And through this mental exercise, I then decided to colour code my diary so I know what is what, and more importantly, what I need to accomplish in the day versus what I could potentially do if I have time but, no biggy. It helps get your life in order and you get to buy colouring pens. Win/win. 

No Phones Before 9am
This is something I did in exam season last year. I put my phone on 'calls only' (just incase of emergency) woke up through my radio alarm, and didn't look at my phone until 9am. Technology is wonderful, but it also makes you feel like you need to be in contact with everyone and everything 24/7, when in reality, you don't. Give yourself an hour of peace and quiet, don't look at your phone or laptop, have a long morning shower and eat that breakfast I mentioned. 

Have Something to Look Forward to
Even if that's putting your feet up at the end of the day, watching your favourite show or going out for a meal with people you love. Have something to motivate you to reach the end of the day, no matter how big or small, you managed to adult for a day, you totally deserve it. 

 No Matter What, Get Dressed
If you can feel yourself craving a duvet day when you know there's stuff to be done, get dressed, put on some lipstick and go get 'em. It might be a 'me' thing, but I feel automatically less motivated without makeup on, which isn't because I'm uncomfortable looking au naturel. But I associate the ritual of getting ready to tackle the day with putting on a bit of makeup and looking my most presentable. It's much easier to go back to bed if you've still got your pyjamas on.

Obviously I know it's hard to get up in the morning if you're not a morning person, but hopefully these tips will give you a bit of inspiration.. it's not as hard as it seems I promise!

I hope you are lovin' my new blog layout. I feel all very professional, this is my own motivation to get back into blogging properly.. fingers crossed this marks the re-start of Alice's Antics!

Have lovely weekends everyone!

Ciao for Now!

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  1. I love being a morning person, but I'm always distracted by the internet so no phones until after 9am would be a great rule for me! Great tips! & I loooove the new layout! :)