Motivational Monday

It's Monday morning, and I'm in high spirits. That's not totally unheard of, I am quite the dreaded 'morning person', but today is a particularly good day for a number of reasons. Firstly, I was out of the house by 9am and decided to go to Caffe Nero to claim my free coffee and write this blog post. Secondly, I received my timetable for the year and I have Thursday AND Friday off.

That's right, a FOUR day weekend. 

And Finally, it is my 21st Birthday party ce soir. I know what most of you will be thinking, yes, my birthday was in June. But since I was in France and didn't get a chance to really celebrate it (that's a bit of a fib, we definitely did celebrate it).. On my return, myself and my housemates arranged a Leonardo DiCaprio themed birthday party. Complete with Titanic prop, which I'm about to go home and finish painting.

But I do completely appreciate not everyone has Caffe Nero's to pop off to and Titanic's to paint, so I thought I would endeavor to motivate you. Come up with your own list or small happy achievements today. Having a bad day but still got up and went to work? Managed to choose a banana over a bar of chocolate? Decided to drink water at 3am instead of another tequila shot? 

There's a whole week ahead of you to make mistakes (and as it's Freshers Week for a lot of you I'm sure you'll be making many) but also to get back up and go get 'em. 

I hope you all have wonderful Mondays! 

Ciao for Now!