Midweek Motivation

Disclaimer: This was originally meant to be a serious picture, but I quickly gave up on that. 

May the fourth be with you! 

Don't mind me, just cracking out some Dad jokes.

So this Wednesday, I'm feeling a little bit of a slump. The grind of revising for exams is back and thanks to being a walking human again, I'm back at work work. Which, although I originally did miss, the novelty has worn off a little bit and the balance of revision/work/keeping sane has become a slight chore.

So I thought I would write a list of all the things I am looking forward to this month. And encourage anyone else in a rut, to do the same. It's very easy to get bogged down in the present instead of taking a step back and realising there is a lot to look forward to. Summer for one. It's MAY people, summer is just around the corner! 

1. Finally finishing exams, and (of course) celebrating the end of them. Obviously the latter part being the most important here... The weekend of finishing exams is being spent with my housemate Alexandra, visiting coffee shops in and around London and celebratory picnicking in St James' Park. Very us. Obviously I will blog the whole thing- and maybe vlog it too. But either way this is my ideal way to end exams. 

2. Being visited by Molly up in London. I actually surprised Molly last week with a train ticket to London tucked inside a card, so she can come and visit me to get away from Dorset. Searching bottomless brunches and rooftop cocktail bars has also proved to be the perfect way to procrastinate.

3. Summer shopping for the Summer Ball/France/Marbella! Not to sound like the most materialistic person in the world ever, but I'd be lying if I didn't include a guilt-free summer shop in things I'm excited for. I have a summer ball at the beginning of June to round off my year, then 2 days later I move to France until the 6th September... and then later that week I am heading to Marbella with my family for our first family holiday in 5 years! So naturally, clothes are actively being thought about.

4. The annual department boat party down the River Thames. Last year this was one of the highlights of my first year. Everyone has finished exams and anyone who's been through university knows the second year slump. No excitement of first year and no ultimate goal like third, everything is just same-y and I think a lot of us are excited to start our final year  of university. 

5. Going back to Dorset for a couple of days. This can't be underestimated, as it will be the last time back home for a full 3 months. I'm extremely excited to be leaving for France, but obviously it is a bit daunting and although I've moved abroad before, the prospect of not seeing friends and family for so long doesn't get any easier. So this will be a very family/friend orientated occasion! 

What are you looking forward to in May? 

Ciao for Now!