Women on Women Hate

On Tuesday, it was International Women's Day. A day for the women of the world to unite and be like, holla, not only do we give birth to the population of the Earth but we are also CEO's and astronauts and badass human beings in general. And for this, I love being a woman. 
We are majestical and fantastic. But sometimes it is hard. As women we have a lot to put up with, which is why there's an International Women's Day in the first place. So why, WHY why WHY, do women often feel it's necessary to put others down to make themselves feel good? Does it really make you feel good? 

I'm not excusing it, but growing up in school, everyone's hormones are flying everywhere. Boy's can be just as bitchy as girls and I've seen more than one girl fist fight. So I'm talking about later in life. When you're meant to be a grown up, and yet when you see Jessica from work has a new bag, you do a classic Regina George, make a snide comment at the printer to a coworker. 

Women on women hate is a very real thing. It's looking at other beautiful, inspiring women, and pushing them down instead of pulling them up, because you view other women as competition. What leads us to do it, when men seem to be in a constant colossal bromance? I know a lot of girls who say they prefer to be in men's company because it's 'less bitchy' or 'just easier'. And that, is really really sad, to only associate with one gender in fear of being scrutinised by the other.

I've seen a lot of posts about women-on-women hate, and to be honest, I think a lot of it as absolute rubbish. How all we strive for is male attention, and we're automatically programmed to hate one another because hello, men are Gods and that's all we want.


I'm not taking that. What about transgender women?? Or lesbians?? There is nothing in our system dictating to us to be horrible to one another, other than society. Society paints women as narcissistic, catty, bitchy human beings, as if that's all there is to it and it's perfectly okay. It's not.

Calling someone out on their flaws, does not make you more beautiful. It doesn't make you thinner, or less spotty. Hating on the girl at the top of the class isn't going to change your grade to an A and hating on a relationship won't make you find a boyfriend. Nobody walks away after doing something mean or saying something bitchy, and is like, ah that feels great. Because it doesn't. It feels crap.

Nobody is perfect. But don't turn against your fellow woman in a bid to make yourself seem better. We are all strong, incredible creatures and with pay gaps, sexualisation and misogyny still very much a thing, we need to support each other. Nobody makes a better friend than another strong, confident woman. Except for maybe a dog.

So help make your friends strong and confident.

Right now, women are flourishing. We're getting somewhere in all of the workplaces 50 years ago, men would scoff at. We're showing the world women can be incredible CEOs and sportswomen and surgeons and engineers. And every time we do, it's a step in the right direction. It's our responsibility to kick all of these stereotypes to the ground, and the only way we'll do that for good, is by uniting. Not against men, but FOR women.

Women should be able to put on suits, put on dresses, wear no makeup, wear lipsticks, play rugby, play the piano and not be afraid at any point the girl friends around her will be the ones judging.

Regardless of whether you're a 'girls girl', you are still a girl.

Be kind, be considerate, and please realise, there's enough success in the world for all of us. The best thing we can do, is to support one another.

Ciao for Now!