The Easter Detox 2.0

I've broken up for the Easter holiday's, which, as 99% of students with exams know, means less 'holiday' and more 'drowning in revision/relearning'. With hours and hours of exams on the horizon, I decided to give myself Easter weekend to do all of the nothing. Eating eggs, going out for breakfasts, seeing friends and eating our weight in pancakes. And then on Monday, the real life work begins (sob).

If you've followed me a while, you may recall, last year I did an Easter Detox. And I decided this year, I wanted to repeat it. Being immobile over the last 3 months has meant I've put on a few pounds (admittedly less than I thought I would thank GOODNESS), but also uni life generally has meant I just feel a bit rank on the inside. I'm sure I'm not the only one who gets to a point in life where all you want to do is give your body a break from all things bad, and just treat it like the wonderland it is *breaks into John Mayer song*. 

Once again, I'm going to go makeup free. When it comes to skin, mine really isn't too bad. I get the odd spot every now and again but in retrospect, I was fairly lucky growing up. Despite my love of all things high end makeup related, I'm a true believer in the best thing for skin being a very minimal skincare routine. Making sure your skin is exfoliated twice a week, applying a good moisturiser and making sure makeup is thoroughly gone, always washing off any remnants of remover with water. I attack any spots with a tea tree oil witch stick but to be honest, that's it. I've found some of my favourite Youtubers put on layers and layers of oils and cleansers and moisturisers and primers, all of which claim to clear your skin, but there's little to no results. And I really think it's because of how much product is going onto the skin, it has a counter reaction. Minimal is best, that's my motto.

I'm also going to eat clean. Revising is basically a recipe for snacking and although I don't deny that's pretty much inevitable, snacking is going to be good snacking. I want my stomach to be thanking me after this month, and I think luckily 4 weeks is just about the right amount of time for it to properly have an effect. Although obvs it would be nice, my concentration here is not on losing weight, it's on making myself feel like smiles all of the time ever. And part of this clean eating, is giving up alcohol and caffeine. So long, coffee. I managed to successfully cut it out entirely last year so I'm hoping to do the same or at the very least cut down. Alcohol isn't too hard as I only drink when I go out, I'm not one to come home after a hard day and have a glass of wine, and since I'm at home and revising anyway, I'm very unlikely to be going on wild nights out (this is Dorset, after all). 

Believe it or not, I'm still in a sexy walking boot. Although I'm not dependent on crutches anymore, I'm not entirely healed and the next 4 weeks is also a process of getting me back into a shoe. Last Easter I took up running, which unfortunately I won't be able to do, but I am hoping to start going on walks and slowly build up some level of fitness again.

The life aim is to not break these habits as soon as term starts again, but we'll see how it goes. For today though, my detox hasn't quite started. So I'll resume my position of sitting horizontally on the sofa, eating my Oreo Easter Egg, slowly slipping into a chocolate induced coma and watching the love of 11 year old me's life (Orlando Bloom) in Pirates of the Caribbean. 

Ciao for Now!