Sundae's on a Sunday

So a big, beautiful thing has happened. Since becoming a broken human my days are no longer filled with work, societies and football. They are, essentially filled with very little (nothing). And with only an 8 hour week of lectures and nothing to fill the time, I thought I'd blog even more- so I'm adding to my schedule.

That's right, your gal Alice is now writing not once, not twice but three times a week. 

Wednesday, Friday and Sunday.

Sunday's are my favourite day of the week, especially when I'm at home. Instead of focusing on less public transport and the day-before-Monday,  I make the most of brunching and having no plans, to fill my day with doing either very little or a very lot depending on how I feel. Strong coffee and avocado on toast is optimum Sunday brunch material.

Although today's lazy Sunday didn't kick off as planned, waking up with the sun to a migraine, by 4ish this afternoon I had a lot to make up for, and headed over to my friends house to celebrate our friend Kate's birthday in the best way possible. Sherlock, homemade burgers and a late night trip to the local dessert cafe, Kaspa's.

I'll give the people what they want now and share some photo's of our mouthwatering evening treat (don't put this into your My Fitness Pal app, it will make it cry).

Choices, choices...

Not an ice cream fan?

There were waffles and crepes on offer, not to mention the milk shakes...

There may have been real tears.

Does anyone else love Sundays? I sometimes feel like I'm on my own in it being the best day of the week! Although when your Sunday's like the latter half of mine, you can't deny it's an utter delight.
So remember, from here on out Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays!

Ciao for Now! 

p.s. the only reason this post is so late on a Sunday is due to only getting back from the Kaspa's approximately 15 minutes before publishing this post!