January 2016 Favourites

Before we begin, the cat photo has no relevance to anything ever. I took it of Sean yesterday morning when he came to greet me and just thought it would be a nice thumbnail for Bloglovin'. For anyone like me, cats are the ultimate clickbait...

I almost shed a tear this time a week ago when I realised it's been a month since Christmas. A month. Time flies when you're living off left overs, breaking new year resolutions and avoiding the awful weather. Where the pigs in blankets at? 

But between the blur of hospital trips and attractive orthopaedic Doctors, I've been brought joy in a small number of ways. So here is the first of the 12 monthly favourites of 2016!

The Menagerie Colouring Book
Will I ever shut up about them? Probably not. The first 10 days of the continuous foot saga was spent 90% of the time in bed. Have I mentioned I've broken my foot? Once? Twice? In every blog post? 

I bought The Menagerie colouring book and oh me, oh my is it a treat. It's so intricate and I felt like I was bringing the animals to life. If I invest in another one I think I'll do something with a full page picture but the animals in this were just too wonderful to deny myself of. 

Segue, that tiger was absolutely no joke to colour in.

Coast Clothing
Over Christmas I was lucky enough to be sent the most beautiful dress I have ever set eyes on from Coast. I'm actually currently sat on my bed staring at it hung on my wall in utter awe of how beautiful it is, and unfortunately the whole foot scenario has meant I can't twirl and whirl around in it for a good old while, but I wanted to mention Coast as a shop itself. I had no idea what shopping treats it had to offer but you can bet your giddy Aunt I'll be buying from them in the future. The quality is undeniable and with two university balls coming up in March and June, I know exactly where I'll be hunting for my dresses.

Lancome Hypnose Mascara
I know people rave on and on about Benefit mascaras. But in all seriousness, Bad Gal Lashes ain't got nothin' on this bad boy. I'm under no illusion of how pricey it is but when I put on any other mascara my eyelashes just feel like they're not living up to their potential. It's the best mascara I've ever graced my eyelashes with and I may never grace them with another again.

That's a massive lie because I'm a student and can only afford nice things 3x a year. When student loan comes in. But if you bump into me in January, April or September, expect to get lost in my luscious Lancome lashes.

Downton Abbey
January marks the end of my Downton journey. If you'd told me before I'd started how much I'd enjoy it I probably would have laughed in your face. It is not, as I once thought, a programme dedicated to posh old women sat about laughing about darling William's dinner jacket, oh my goodness gracious how dare one show her ankle at a society ball. Downton Abbey is, after all, worth the hype. And after 3 months of binge watching, I'm going to miss everything about it.

Believe it or not I'm actually typing away with freshly manicured nails. That's right, your gal kicked her nail biting habit for the 75th time in her life and decided this time, it was time for a little indulgence to avoid biting them to the quick again. The whole experience was quite lovely, if not surreal to find myself in a nail bar. I went to Serenity in Dorchester, Dorset so if you're local to the area they are now officially recommended by me. I decided to go for a mint colour and the experience has even convinced me to get a pedicure when I have two feet again. Success all round and beautiful nails. 

2016 Kate Spade Diary 
Most of you know by now stationery makes me giddy. Is there anything to make one giddier than an organiser? Probably not. The creme de la creme of the stationery world. This gorgeous Kate Spade organiser has changed my life for the better, and not just because of how beautiful it is to stare at. I am loving life with a real diary and have been complimented on it so much I've lost count- in some cases I may or may not have waved it in friends faces begging them to look at how pretty it is. We won't count those times.

Aussie Mega Shampoo
Since cutting my hair to shoulder length in the summer, I've found a life conundrum revolving around build up and shampoos. Where I used to only wash my hair 3 or 4 times a week tops *gasp* I'm now having to wash it nearly everyday. Unfortunately I bought a cream based shampoo which only added to the problem and despite spending 20 minutes washing it out, when I finally dried my hair it was as if someone had poured oil on my head. 

Not sexy.

Enter Aussie Mega Shampoo. Is this the best shampoo in the world? I know Aussie may be a bit more upper end than Herbal Essences and the bottles are half the size, but this shampoo has worked wonders on my hair. It's now silky and healthy and has been stripped back to its natural oils , which means no more frying pan for me- thank god.

Hannah Gale's Blog
To top off my faves of 2016, I couldn't write a favourites list without mentioning Hannah Gale. I have no idea how I came across her blog a couple of weeks ago, I can only say it was fate. Did she come from blogging heaven? Probably. Hannah's blog is essentially the best bits in a magazine. The chatty journalist who makes you scream YES I GET YOU when you read about diets and boys and lady things like cystitis. A lil' bit of lifestyle, a lil' bit of fashion and beauty, checking Hannah's blog has already become a habit. I also followed her on Twitter, which is a rare treat because, yknow, follower ratios and all. This woman is a writing goddess and if you do anything today, click on the name and check out her blog. You will love it.

Believe it or not none of the bad boys above are sponsored, I am just loving a wide array of bits and bobs at the moment. 

Drinking game: Have a shot every time I mention anything broken foot related.

Ciao for Now!