Blogmas Day 5: A New Furry Family Member

If you've been following the recent goings on of Alice's Antics you'll know we recently had to say goodbye to our gorgeous family dog of fifteen years, Lenny.  And although a lot of people may not relate if they're not dog people or don't own pets, it was probably the hardest day of my life, having him put down. However, we are a dog family through and through and although we knew we would never be able to replace Lenny, who myself and my sister had grown up with, we also knew we couldn't carry on without a canine friend.

And so, after over 6 weeks without a bundle of fun to help us get through our daily lives, on December 2nd we welcomed a new furry face into the family...

Please welcome Elvis, the 8 week old golden labradoodle puppy to the Dodd family.

It was a hard decision to make, and we know the Lenny-shaped hole is never going to be filled entirely, but with this gorgeous little bundle the dog-shaped hole definitely will be, and we have no doubt he'll make his own Elvis pawprint on of all of our lives. 

This afternoon I hopped on a train home and surprised my whole family by turning up on the doorstep just in time for Strictly. It was my first time meeting this little guy and although I still associate home with Lenny, he is such a character and I'm so excited to have my 16th dog filled Christmas.

Ciao for Now!

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  1. AhhhhhhhhhhhhH he is so cute! Labradoodles are so much fun! My family friend has one and he doesn't realize he's big and not pup sized and sits in your lap even though he's half of a person as it is! :)