Blogmas Day 3: Christmas Meals

This year, I'm having 5 christmas dinner. One with work, one with football, one with enactus, another with my housemates, one with my friends and finally, christmas dinner on christmas day. It's a chore, but someone has to do it! This week I've been to two and I just thought I'd document the evenings because they were so fantastic and just made me overwhelmed with pride to know such amazing girls. 

Last Sunday, we booked a little Italian near the university and the girls of Pearls Royal Holloway (a late night bubble tea cafe) embarked on the restaurant in their heels and dresses! We're an all female team, and goodness gracious me can you tell. We organised a Secret Santa which consisted of some lovely presents (Yankee candle anyone?) and some, well, questionable ones, I'm sure you can use your imagination! 

Our team have become increasingly close this year due to a variety of reasons, and Sunday night was such a lovely opportunity for everyone to get glammed up and talk about things other than bubble tea. We're all avid parts of each other's love lives and academic lives as we're all students together, and it was so nice to let our hair down for a change! 

The owners of the company we work for came too and as they're recently engaged we put in a bit of money to get them some presents which went down an utter treat! The rest of the night was just spent laughing, gossiping and drinking far too much wine for our own good! 

Unfortunately because we were having so much fun, we didn't take too many photos, but for me that is the sign of a cracking night!

And then last night was our Women's Football Club annual christmas meal! This was in a different location and the food was amazing. There's over 40 of us so we had the whole upstairs and balcony to ourselves. They'd decorated everything beautifully with crackers to complete the lot! I'm currently without a decent phone or a camera but my lovely friend Laura was on hand to get snap happy and took some beauties!

We took a few photos on the balcony, which was great in theory but unfortunately due to the Christmas tree placement, meant we all kept getting prickled on the bum! The decorations were gorgeous though, we all know how much I love a good fairy light combo!

Big thanks to the gorgeous Laura (in the photo with me above left) for these photos! I left feeling so full I didn't think I'd make it to the front door without passing out. The girls I've met through playing football have fast become the go to girls for nights out and general life loving and despite being dubious when I initially started, I love being part of a club and playing for the university, which is all that really matters! 

My go to makeup for both parties have been a red lipstick/gold eye look which has gone down an utter treat so I may hold a blogmas post open for this!

If you're having any pre-christmas Christmas meals I hope you have a wonderful time and are very merry by the end- the only way to be!

Ciao for Now!