Blogmas Day 12: There's No Place Like Home

The last time I wrote a blog post of this title, I was home from 7 months in Italy, I'd missed England and Pimms and Wimbledon and the bipolar weather. But this time, I'm writing about home home. Having a double bed, food in the fridge and being in your bubble, the home bubble. Essentially, I'm writing from a student perspective rather than a traveller perspective. 

This afternoon at 11am my Dad arrived, ready to take me back to Dorset. And oh me, oh my was I ready. All of us had our bags packed and waiting at the door, and although we all love each other so much, currently university friends can't help but associate each other with work. So much work. And for that reason, we all sighed in relief a bit when we waved Number 47 goodbye for a month. 

Because I live in an old town house, we have fireplaces in every room and nothing makes me feel cosier than candles in the fireplace or even lighting the fire, having a bath, getting into my jimjams and just doing nothing for a couple of evenings. 

Which is exactly what I did tonight... 

How cute is this mug? I received it from my housemate in our little secret santa, she knows me very very well. Maybe it will encourage me to stop going into coffee shops? I'm snuggled on the sofa now about to watch Home Alone with this delight in my mug!

It's so easy when you live at home, to become very comfortable in your day to day life, and it only takes a couple of months away for the novelty to wear off, particularly if you've moved out rather than are off doing exciting travelling-y things. Christmas is my favourite time of year and knowing I have a month of family time, puppy time, friends time and Christmas-prep time films me with all of the warm fuzzy feelings ever. I love life at university and I love having my independence, but coming home today and settling back in just made Christmas feel that much closer.

Blogmas has been a bit all over the place recently, so I'm very excited to do very little, eat very much and blog all the time over the coming weeks! 

Ciao for Now!