Champagne Tea at The Dorchester

Today is Day #1. For those of you who missed the little note at the end of my last post, I will be blogging every other day throughout November, ready for Blogmas 2.0 in December. My motivation for Blogging has gone down the pan recently, but by writing a little something every other day, I have no doubt I will be back. Back at last. So please expect makeup looks and day in the life's, rants as per and maybe the odd controversial topic post. But for today, nice and easy, I am taking you to The Dorchester hotel in Mayfair. 

The gals from Dorchester went to The Dorchester. This is something I've heard countless times on the run up to my booking at the prestigious hotel. In August my younger sister turned 18 (gulp) and so I decided to get her something she'd be sure not to forget, and what is better than afternoon tea? Well, afternoon tea with champagne at one of the most amazing hotels in England should do the trick.

I'll drink to that!

We started off with mini sandwiches, the kind which taste of better versions than the ones you make at home. All in fingers and all refillable, the best kind of sandwiches in my opinion...

We got so carried away with chatting and nibbling we almost forget there would be more to come, until the waiter came over to ask if we were ready for our tea and pre-dessert. I have never in my life had a pre-desert but ours was a teeny tiny light biscuit base with a pear cream on top. This was paired with my favourite tea (Earl Grey) and an iced coffee for my sister.

How gorgeous is everything? I couldn't get over the mint colour, and it was all so so small!

Finally the main event arrived at the table...

I'm a cream before jam kinda girl myself. But generally I am just a scone person all around. Nothing beats them in my opinion. Which is why it was a surprise even to me, to find that post-sandwich eating and cake eating and one scone eating, I couldn't even bring myself to eat the other scone! 

It felt like such a waste.

Feeling very full and very spoilt, we slowly made our way out to the doormen for them to hail us a taxi (why ruin a posh day with the tube)?

When booking The Dorchester I was a little bit apprehensive for what to expect, especially being two young adults, sometimes you're treated a little differently to the usual customers. However the service at The Dorchester was amazing, the staff were all constantly attentive and endlessly lovely, so a huge thank you to them!

Despite leaving this gorgeous hotel, the day was still not at an end! The two of us met up with our family, who'd been at various West End shows, and headed off to get drinks in Trafalgar Square. 

Student life isn't so bad eh?

Please feel free to offer up any post ideas, anything you want to read or just general chit chat. I am all yours, and will hopefully be redoing Alice's Antics very soon to get into the spirit of the season! 

Ciao for Now!


  1. Wahh seems like you had an amazing time! I would have loved to have gone for some afternoon tea on my 18th haha, hope your sister had a great day! x
    Minae ♥ MinaekeiLatest Blog Post!

  2. What a fun day! I definitely love scones better! My gram just baked homemade pumpkin chip ones, what flavor is your favorite? I think I'm more of a blueberry scone person :)