Miss You Already Premiere

Last night me and Lizzie popped into Leicester Square...

As always, we arrived a bit too early to be 'cool', and headed for the nearest cocktail bar before heading over to the premiere.

We only had one, we didn't want to be falling down the 'pink' carpet, especially in heels... and more to the point, there was always time after the film to make up for it...

Drinks consumed, toilet dash made, we headed out, through the people gathering along the barriers and made our way through the guest entrance.

Who else would I bring to a film premiere about the lives and loves of two best friends, than my very own best friend?

We made our way down the gorgeous pink carpet and headed into the cinema. There's always time to stop for a couple of snaps together though!

We were ushered into the cinema where the crew showed us to our seats and goody bags were provided. When you have tissues in your goody bags, you know you're in for an emotional roller coaster of a film.

The cast and crew (hola Drew Barrymore and Toni Collette), gave a little speech before the film started, although I still think there should have been a pre-warning for how much you'd need the tissues provided!

The film followed two childhood best friends through to adult life where one of them is diagnosed with cancer. But it's one of those wonderful films where you don't leave feeling upset or depressed, the screenplay is so funny everyone was laughing out loud throughout the film and although it is a teary eyed ending.. I had Lizzie on one side of me crying, a 6 foot bloke on the other side wiping his eyes, and could see the rest of the cinema dabbing away their tears. We both walked out of the cinema clinging to each other and feeling very grateful for our own lives and friendships.

To resume back to normal Alice and Lizzie mode, we popped into Chiquito's to grab some food, drink some tequila and wear a sombrero to go with our dresses.

Overall we had an amazing night! Thank you so much to Glamour Magazine, if you get the chance to go and see the film, I 100% recommend it, you will leave feeling emotionally drained but worth every second!

Ciao for Now!