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Today week has been one of those lovely catching up weeks. Nothing to stress about, lots of coffee-ing and lunching with friends and just general getting back on track in life. Last weekend I was lucky enough to go to Brighton, my favourite place in Britain, to catch up with friends and just have a generally lovely time. The weather (for once) didn't even disappoint, and we were able to drink Pimms in the sun and bask in the glorious weather. Unfortunately the beautiful weather only lasted 24 hours and we woke up on Sunday to the sound of rain, which has lasted ever since. But despite the awful 'summer' weather, I decided to make the most of my indoor time and have spent the week  catching up on the papers, writing lists, doing odd jobs and watching endless Suits, which I started on Sunday and am already on Series 2 of. Disgusting but also a life goal of many. 

This leggy blonde pictured above is Saffron, one of my best friends, a cross between Blake Lively/Taylor Swift and the hospitable human who put me up for the 2 nights. When we weren't watching Les Mis and drinking wine, bonding in pyjama's about life and love, we were on the streets of Brighton. It was so lovely having my own little tour guide, we went to a delicious terrace cafe named Kensington's for lunch, dipping into some incredible vegan nachos.

I will confess, with catching up also comes a lot of wining and dining. Perhaps too much. From eating triple cooked chips with Abbie to having a Mexican night with Emma and Emily, my stomach actually hurts from how much has been consumed this week. But how could anyone possibly say no!? Somebody is clearly enjoying it, no holding back here ladies...

Alongside all of this nattering, I am also preparing to at last return to University! This summer has at times felt like it's flown by and at others dragged so long I thought September would never come. But with it only being a couple of days away, I can safely say I am ready to return to the castle, and bloody excited to start 2nd year. I picked up the keys to my first house with 5 of my best friends, have started sorting adult things out like bills (bills!?!?!??)  and am already gearing up for Freshers week recruitment for the various societies I'm a part of. There is no rest for the Wicked!

I hope you're all enjoying the last week or two of your holidays! Let's hope the sun comes out just once or twice more before we can all truly admit defeat.

Ciao for Now!

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  1. Brighton is without a doubt the best place in Britain, I completely agree with that! I'm constantly jealous of my sister who's studying there for three years. I'm completely up to date with all Suits episodes that have aired in the UK (Season 4 was the last I think?) and currently debating whether or not to make a start on Season 5. I'm definitely in love with Harvey Specter, like I've never been in love with a TV character before. Is that really sad to admit? Hahaha!

    Enjoy your last few weeks before you go back to university!

    Imogen //