Wahaca and Penguins

It has been far too long. This may be the longest hiatus I've ever taken of blogging. Sadly the exams and revision caught up with me and it's only now I have 10 days between my next exam, I can finally breathe out and function a little better. Who knew there would come a time when procrastination is something you just cannot risk. 

Yesterday, myself and two of my favourite people in the world met up for lunch in London. We are all at university or working in various parts of the country but London is the middle ground- and as many people know, there is never a question about whether you should go into central London. It is definitely always when. Admittedly feeling slightly worse for wear from all of our Friday nights out, we met in Waterloo and ventured down to South Bank for a delightful catch up of life over lunch. 

We soon took shelter in a Mexican restaurant on the South Bank. The staff are friendly, the atmosphere is full of bright, chatty conversations and we soon realised the food is exceptional. Being us, we decided there is just no such thing as holding back when going somewhere new!

We all ordered habiscus water, a cranberry-type Mexican soft drink to help our tortilla chips and guacamole go down for a starter. Due to our slightly sorry states from the night before, we broke the most important rule ever written about visiting a Mexican Restaurant and decided against tequilas. But the habiscus water was so delicious there was no guilt involved!

Everything comes out as it's cooked at Wahaca, and we ordered nearly every dish from the 'Street Food' section,  just as we thought we'd had all of our order, more kept appearing,  and it all just looked so good!

Sweet potato wallowing in cheese, black bean quesadilla's (and chicken ones too!), our eyes were probably a bit too big for our stomachs. Of course, that would never stop us from ordering dessert! As everyone who knows us well knows, myself, Emily and Emma are firm believers in the 'second stomach' for dessert! No matter how much main you have, there's always room for a little something extra!

What with it being a Mexican restaurant, I decided it would be rude not to get churros. Emily and Emma both had the chocolate cake with peanut butter ice cream which was equally to die for! Unfortunately (or fortunately for her) Emily was off to a boat party on the Thames so had to dash off in time to get ready, which left myself and Emma with a bit of time to kill on the South Bank. And as anyone who's been to London knows, there's practically nothing to do on the South Bank...

Of course I'm joking, the South Bank is a hub of entertainment and attractions, from street performers to the London Dungeon, we knew we couldn't get bored. Which is why we decided to take a spontaneous trip to a place neither of us had been before...

London Aquarium!

From the start you know you're in for a treat, walking across a glass floor with sharks swimming beneath you. It transports you to beneath the ocean level in seconds. As we went on a Saturday it was extremely busy, but we could still see everything and even had some moments of getting up close and personal to the fish and animals.

Maybe even a little too close and personal!? The tour ended with some friendly flippers and the reminder of how much the 2014 Christmas John Lewis advert made me want a penguin. 

Walking past London Aquarium so much, I've always longed for a spare hour where I can go in and have a look around. It really didn't disappoint. It's so easy to forget about all the classic tourist-y things to do when you're in London so frequently, but it's definitely worth it! The only thing that beats delicious food with your best friends, is delicious food with your best friends followed by penguins!

Hopefully this extra long, photo filled post has given you a bit of a break from procrastination, and has made up for my lack of posting! I also have a Mid-May Favourites lined up for you very soon! 

I hope you're all having delightful weekends,
Ciao for Now!

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  1. This looks like so much fun! Those churros look AMAZING! (good thing it's almost dinner time here) the food photos made me very hungry! Good luck on your exams! Mine are coming up soon too! But then it'll be Summer..just..have to get through!