Blogmas Day 5: Sweater Weather Tag

Good Morning! I know I know, 5 days in and already I'm stumbling.... but it just means today you will be treated to two blog posts instead of one- what a delight! In the past couple of weeks I've had a little flurry of new followers who have come over from SprinkleofGlitter where my blog has been advertised recently. And although I have an about page and even a little introduction blog post (here), I thought I'd search the internet and find a winter-y tag to answer some questions and for you to get to know me a teeny bit more. Welcome, Sweater Weather tag. 

1) Favourite Candle Scent?
Since discovering Yankee candles a couple of years ago, I've never ever looked back. I haven't come across one yet which doesn't smell absolutely divine, and although my favourite's are between Under the Palms and Christmas Cookie, at this time of year Christmas Cookies wins hands down. It smells so festive and when I smelt it in the shop ages ago it made me so excited for the prospect of Christmas! There's also a Cinnamon Vanilla Christmas special one which sounds divine.

2) Coffee, Tea or Hot Chocolate?
Although I love all three, I am definitely a coffee gal. Anyone who knows me will tell you I have spent 99.999% of my student loan on coffee. The best kind is coffee with a little flavour in it, Toffee Nut Latte's are my favourite Christmas drink without a shadow of a doubt, I think I may be addicted.

3) Do You Switch Up Your Make-up Routine for the Season? 
I am a very basic make up human, most days I put in the effort but I hate to look like I've worked super hard on my make up. The only thing I change about my make up at Christmas is wearing a slightly darker lip than usual. My classic make up look is minimal eyes and red lipstick, so in the winter I darken the lip to either a deep red or a berry/purple-y colour. 

4) Hats or Scarves?
Scarves! I love a wooly hat, but hardly ever wear them. It's rare for my to go out without a scarf though, my favourite at the moment is a beautiful burnt orange one from Zara which is more like a blanket than a scarf! 

5) Favourite Christmas Food?
It has to be stuffing, I love stuffing. Although apart from that- does general chocolate count? 

6) Most Worn Sweater? 
I don't actually have a particular sweater that I wear the most, but I'd love to find one. I recently bought my annual cheesy Christmas jumper so that will definitely be coming out on Christmas Day... and in the build up of course!

7) Must-Have Winter Nail Polish? 
Last night myself and my lovely, lovely friend Holly decided on a last minute sleep over at 1am, we watched Bridget Jones and did our nails and I can whole heartedly contest (and with her to back me up) that the Barry M festive sparkle collection is the most beautiful winter nail polish, and adds a bit of glam to boring nails. We used Rockstar last night, which I bought whilst in London on Wednesday and although we used it as a top coat over two very different colours (mine dark blue/almost black and hers metallic green) the finished product is so pretty. It's the only time of year I would ever even consider having glittery nails! 

8) Favourite Autumn/Winter Memory?
In all honesty I couldn't pin point one at all. Without making the mood too sombre, I associate Christmas Day with my Granny who used to come over every Christmas Eve to Boxing Day and that's lovely as she's not around anymore. But apart from that there's no stand out moment for me about this time of year, I just love everything about it!

9) Boots or Uggs?
10000000% Boots. I own about 5 pairs of boots in various shades of brown and black with different materials and I love them. I think Uggs are basically huge ugly socks people feel they can wear outside. Although I totally understand they're cosy etc (I did go through the thirteen year old tween Ugg stage), I would never step foot in them outside!

10) What is the Winter Weather Like Where You Live?
Cold. In the UK we live in a sort of limbo (particularly in the South) where there's no guarantee of snow but it's not warm in any way shape or form. Generally it gets very bitterly cold over Christmas, although there are days (like today) when the sun is out and it's like very crisp, brisk weather, which I do love. I've only ever had one white Christmas though sadly, if it does snow here, it tends to be in January.

So there you have it, some Christmassy pictures alongside to get you in the Festive mood! I hope you've all had lovely weeks and have lovely things planned for the weekend! You will be seeing me pop up yet again, later on today for Blogmas Day 6... Sorry about the delay on this one, but at least it's here!

Ciao for Now!

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