Blogmas Day 19: Christmas Reunion 2.0

Before I embark on this blog post, I just thought I'd quickly announce, this is the 100th post for Alice's Antics! I know we are a fairly small little kingdom of minions, but I am so so grateful for ever single one of you taking the time to read this. When I first started blogging properly and decided to dedicate ample time to running a blog, I was the butt of all kinds of jokes and for the longest time ever I was only writing for about 9 people. But somehow you've all joined and now I feel like what I'm writing is actually getting somewhere, which is the best feeling in the world and I want to thank all of you for it. I'd send you all Christmas presses if I could, I promise.

Anyway as for the post intended... For the last three years, my friends and I have managed to uphold a new-found tradition of having a Christmas meal, and for the last couple of years it's proved difficult as we're all off working, travelling or at university, but we set aside tonight and as many of us as possible made it to my lovely friend May's house. Typically, the host makes the main dinner bits and then the rest of us bring our own contribution, whether it's a couple of bottles of wine, a dessert or a contribution to the main, all of us bring our part and together a Christmas feast is created. 

Soon enough the drinks were flowing, the conversation was going and the food was being munched down ridiculously quickly. A couple of us hadn't seen each other since the last Christmas meal and considering we all used to see each other every single day during sixth form (the last two years of non compulsory school in England), we all felt like we had withdrawal symptoms from one another! 

Despite the longest time apart, we all just fell back into the usual easy talk and it was so lovely to reminisce on various things. All of us had been travelling together in seperate groups and more than a couple of stories cropped up we were all hoping to forget! 

Once we were full to the point of sickness on meat and veg, it was time for dessert. Everyone knows it's not Christmas time until you have Yule log! And luckily for us Martha supplied one for the table. Coupled with the gingerbread tree (you can read about it here) and a bit of cream, dessert went down extremely well with some wine, and for the non drinkers elderflower press and raspberry lemonade! 

After being fed and watered to an extortionate degree and talking each others ears off, we decided it was probably time to call it a night. And so with promises of seeing each other before New Years Eve (another big tradition we share each year), we all parted ways to various houses. 

Such a simple evening but I honestly love evenings like this. Being reunited with old friends and eating delicious home made food- how can you really compare! This is what christmas is all about. 

Ciao for Now! 


  1. Aww this is such a lovely tradition you've got going on, I hope to be able to do this when me and my friends part ways.

  2. Love a bit of elderflower presse!! And I really love your blog, one of my favourite reads :) x

  3. Never heard of a Yule log before, but it looks like a cool tradition!
    And you should know that your blog is one of the blogs that I always read all the posts, which is a really big thing! (Usually if the title doesn't interest me I don't really go for it)

    1. Oh it's SO delicious, super chocolatey! And that makes me so happy, thank you! x