Living with Girls

I have never particularly been a girls girl. The thought of bitching and pouting makes me feel a bit nauseous, and after watching and hearing about friends experiences of the bitchiness within flats, meeting the girls I was about to share the next year with, was one of the parts I was absolutely dreading about university. In fact, I spent so long worrying about living with girls, I never really thought much into the perks. And thankfully, due to the girls I was put together with, there have so far, only been perks.

Living with a majority or only girl ratio has all these stereotypes. Bitchiness, squabbles, that awful time of the month when everyone synchronises (yes, it is a thing), but nobody pointed out how completely and utterly great it is too. I'm in the lucky situation where 3 of the girls I live with have become my closest friends at university, all of us are completely and have utterly different personalities, and we'd probably never have met under any other circumstances. But between the 4 of us, we all even each other out, and have created a fantastic friendship- something I never would have imagined a couple of months ago.

The amount of times we gather on each others beds after nights out, or tipsily knock on each others doors at god-knows-what-time in the morning, just needing a late night chat. Having girls in the flat means never running out of tampons, and there's always a secret choccy stash somewhere. When I unpacked on the first day and realised I'd forgotten my hair straighteners, I was immediately offered some by my brand new flatmate to use any time. The habitual jumping on the bed, as soon as an unknown boy has left your bedroom. The 'fitness benders' we all attempt to go on (which are then evened out by the chocolate binges). There's absolutely always somebody to get ready with before nights out,  and 99% of the time, there's somebody to stay in with too, when you're not quite feeling up to it. There's even a little Facebook chat, where we all arrange when to meet in the kitchen for dinner. There's the unmentionable perk of the attractive brother/cousin/school friend, who will come to visit. And, it goes without saying, whenever one of us is feeling down or there's a man-crisis, the rest of us are at the rescue with cuddles, Disney films and a bottle of wine (or at least one of the 3- we are students after all).

Basically, I just wanted to de-fear anyone else who is terrified of the moving out stage. I was so concerned I tried to block it all out on the lead up to university. But just because the photo's on your Facebook feed show the lives of girls keeled over from drink or the disgusting state of university kitchens, it doesn't mean it's all true. And I've found the thing I was most dreading, has turned into my favourite part of university- something I should probably, definitely be thanking the girls I live with for.

I hope you've all had lovely weeks so far, my life has taken an organised turn and I'm actually writing this on the Friday before it's posted, I've been at home for the week so I think that's where this post has sprung from!

Ciao for Now!


  1. This post makes me wish to go back to university! I'm so pleased that you're having a great time and have found such great friends in your halls, it makes the whole experience so much more enjoyable.

    Rachel x
    The Inelegant Wench

  2. This sounds like an amazing situation to be in! I've heard all the horror stories too, but I guess you can be lucky too. I love your writing style and how real it all is!
    lily x