November Resolutions and October Favourites

I'm making November resolutions. November resolutions involve making the usual January ones a couple of months early, because quite frankly, I have been a neglectful blog mother. 3 posts in September, 3 posts in October. Clearly something is wrong, and whilst I would love to blame my lack of interaction on me spending too much time in the library and throwing myself into first year... I definitely cannot blame it on that.

Along side going to the gym more, taking my camera with me everywhere and trying not to drink quite so many caramel latte's (the gym is not an excuse, the gym is not an excuse), I have of course, added 'write more blog posts' to this list. Luckily, things are kicking off to a flying start as I have actually got an Interview with a certain Youtube-ing musician human, ready and waiting to be published.

In the mean time, I haven't done a 'Favourites' post since May, so I thought it was about time I bought it back. And with a bit of extra money from work, plus my maintenance loan for univeristy (does anyone really use their loan for university related things, really? really?) I have a few bits I am loving from the last month or so.

Let's get the nitty gritty bit out of the way first and just throw it out there- I bought running shoes. Like, real life, use them more than once a year, running shoes. I bought my university membership whilst enjoying Domino's two for tuesday's, and straight away decided if I was going to spend *** on a gym membership, I would at least do it right. So a new gym outfit and a pair of Adidas Venus Running Shoes later, here we are. I'm just waiting for the day where going to the gym doesn't fill me with dread.

This beautiful over sized orange tartan scarf from Zara £19.99 (it has been a constant accessory since I bought it).

The new-ish Zoella Soak Opera shower cream £5.00. I bought this against my better judgement, simply out of curiosity. But I was pleasantly surprised. The smell is delicious, and it's one of those shower creams that lingers on your body, so you still smell lovely after you've used it!

Considering what a make up addict I am, I've actually not splurged too much on it this month. I rationalised both these buys, as I am at the very end of both my Armani Luminous Foundation and my Max Factor Masterpiece Mascara. With make up, I always go for quality over quantity. I might not have draws and draws full, but I'd rather spend that bit extra and know what's going on my skin is not too chemically. I also find high end make up tends to have a noticeable difference in how good it is. However, I couldn't justify spending that much on another Armani one with my student budget, so I opted for Number 7's Lift and Luminate £16.99 and so far am absolutely loving it. It's light coverage and is perfect for dry to combination skin tones. The mascara is Lancome Hypnose £22.50, arguably the Goddess of mascara. I was given a sample of this by my Aunt and have been waiting for a reason to buy the real thing ever since!

This is quite simply a lovely holder for whatever you like. I keep my make up brushes in a mason jar, and have a pink and mint green version of these intricate little pots to keep my pens and stationary in. I found them on Ebay for £5 each, simply by searching 'Stationary Holder'.

After working exceptionally long hours at my job just before university, I decided to use my final pay check for a real treat. Buying my Macbook Air was quite simply a blessing in disguise. I bought a baby one (11inch) because I knew I'd be taking it to lectures, and it is so handy. I don't even notice that the screen is smaller than average, and I can completely understand why Apple Humans exist. I am totally a converted Apple Human. £749

Finally, it wouldn't be October Favourites without a bit of Halloween-ness! This year I'm going as a Vampire, but am rationalising my unoriginality with how far out I'm going. Above are the glue in fangs and the ice blue contact lenses I've bought for the night! I was actually considering making a blog post of my 'look', something I've never done before. If anybody is interested, please let me know in the comments or through email!

I hope all your lives are lovely!
Ciao for Now!


  1. Im so curious to try Zoe's beauty range! So many good reviews, I should probably try it for myself:) How nice to be able to treat yourself to a Macbook, they are so worth the money! What uni are you at? (only if you don't mind saying) Im filling out ucas at the moment, looking at going to Brighton uni (:
    I would love it if you could check out my blog,
    I love yours x

  2. Those stationary holders are lovely! Definitely need to get some for my desk!
    Siobhan xx

  3. I love Zoella's range. I mentioned the candle in my favorites this month too! Think it just smells so refreshing and sweet!

    Alice xx