There's No Place Like Home

I've always known I wouldn't stay in one place. I've never been a home body, I was never the child who clung to their mum in the playground or begged them not to leave for work. When people ask my parents if they're prepared for me to fly the nest, they say they've had years to prepare for it. They tell the story of how when I was 2, my 'uncle' (mum's childhood best friends husband) was visiting, and I gathered my toys together and asked him to take me back to Luton to see his twin daughters, my own childhood best friends. As a two year old my parents waved us off and waited, expecting Sean to turn the car round any minute with a screaming toddler crying for her mummy. But I sat in the car, and sung nursery rhymes the whole way down the motorway. Staying put just wasn't for me.

It's only now I'm a bit older, I really appreciate home. Not just home as in the house I live, the town I grew up in or the people I love, but England itself. I love Pimms, I love how we barbeque in the rain, I love the Wimbledon hype and the pebble beaches and I really love our cake (nobody does cake like the British). I arrived back in England after 6 months abroad at 8am and despite being extremely sad to leave Edoardo behind, I really am happy to have returned. I've always been so focused on leaving my little Dorset town, I never thought about what it would feel like to come back. After living alone I am definitely enjoying the simplicity's of a dish washer, not doing my own washing (although I'm sure I'll be roped into it again after the novelty of having me back has worn off), and not needing to cook. It was only a matter of time before I burnt my old apartment building down. 

I'm sure at some point the rosy life of the returned prodigal child will take a turn, but for the moment everything is looking lovely. And for the first time in a long old time, I'm excited for a classic British summer and just staying put, something I never thought 'd hear myself say. Italy, it's been a pleasure, but oh me oh my, it's truly lovely to be home. Here are some pictures of my first Sunday back home.

Ciao for Now!


  1. Great pics you look like you had a great time out on the beach.

  2. This post makes me wish I was the sort of people that was brave enough to go travelling alone