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12 May 2014

Hello, hello, hello! This is just a drop-in if you will. I have a favor to ask you lovely humans. In fact, I have two favors to ask. I know, what a bloody cheek. But I best get on with it. Ok, so firstly, I would love for you to comment with your links on this post. My bloglovin' dashboard is running a bit dry. And I hate the system on the site, which means the blogs are in order of popularity, so some really secretly amazing blogs aren't getting their slice of the pie, just because they're new and don't have many followers. It is a secret pet hate of mine. So yes, please only if you have an up and running blog, (of any kind) I would love to have a nose! We all know I'm a very easy gal to please, so that would be wonderful!

Ok so the next one is a little bit cheeky, but I feel obliged to do so. I managed to gather my little following almost over night (well over the course of a month) thanks to Louise aka SprinkleofGlitter. And I am delighted to say that a couple of my friends have also hopped onto the blogging wagon. I genuinely think the more the merrier, and I'm actually a bit overwhelmed that people have read my blog and started up after being inspired by my own. When I first started writing, I was terrified of posting it on my Facebook in fear of people freaking out, but it's all been for the greater good really. Because now I have all you lot and we are slowly building an Alice's Antics kingdom. Okay, maybe not a kingdom, but we have a small village going on here and I love it/you... Anyway, the point is, (massive divergence there Alice) I would love it if you could have a cheeky peak at any of these blogs. They're all my real life human friends. I know it's hard to believe I have any, but they are. I'm also actually the designer behind all their blogs, so I guess if anyone has any designing questions feel free to email me via my contact page!

You may even notice there are some men in there. Yes ladies, real men with all the bits and all of that. Which I personally think is brilliant. We need some more men in the blogging world, there just aren't enough right now. 

I hope you've all had lovely weekends! Don't forget to comment with your blog!
Ciao for now 


  1. Hey! I found your blog through Louise, and now am an avid reader :) I started a blog recently at ... can't promise it's any good, but there it is :) xxx

  2. I would be honored if you nosed around on my blog and maybe followed it or something but you don't have to! it's I have a rather rant-ish one coming up that I'm nervous to post after exams. ha but yea! Thanks for recommending some to read!! :) x


  3. You designed your blog yourself! That's seriously cool! I've been struggling with htmls and whatnots for ages..haha. Think I finally got it right though.
    Here's my blog, happy reading :) xx

  4. :)

  5. I found you through Louise on Bloglovin'. :) You and maybe about 4 other new bloggers.
    I am a blogger too, I started back in August ->
    If you want to have a look go ahead and I'm honored. :) If not that's OK too. I appreciate the opportunity you're trying to give smaller blogs still.

    Xoxo Sun

  6. I found you through Louise, but you have inspired me to make my blog better and post more frequently :) and hopefully one day I will have a blog that looks as good as yours does!!
    My link is

    1. !! The silly little 'i' went missing haha

  7. I just stumbled across your blog from a recommendation from a friend and I'm so glad I checked you out because when I read any of your blog posts it feels more like a conversation than a blog!
    Bronwen x

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  9. (I think you may already know I adore your blog)

  10. You've got a gorgeous blog! Mine's still in its baby stage but maybe worth checking out? :)

  11. I found your blog through Louise and I'm so glad I did, it's really lovely :)
    My blog is going through a bit of a revamp at the moment but I've got some fun things planned for it over summer x

  12. I found your blog through Louise and it's one of my favorites to read!

  13. I've just recently started blogging its year still trying to get the hang of it :) and I found you through Louise and you're now one of my favourites to read :D -

  14. Found your blog through Louise as well! shocker ;)
    My blog is still in the baby stage but if you have a chance to give it a browse that would be lovely :)

    Kristin x

  15. Hey Alice! I would love to learn more about your other blogger friends!
    My main blog is actually a daily blog and I also found you from Louise :D
    My daily blog is though you can find me on Bloglovin' too on Zai Thinks Out Loud :)
    You're my favourite blogger, I hope that you have a wonderful day! :)

  16. I love your blog! :) Mine is

  17. Hey, I love reading your blog, I have been so inspired that I have recently decided and set up a blog. I would love for you to check it out


  18. I found you through Charley's blog! I love the randomness of your posts xx

  19. I'm still trying to figure out my blog, it's mostly being used to complain and/or procrastinate. Now that school is done hopefully I can finally focus on it to get everything figured out!

  20. Like most of the commenters here I also found you through Louise, and I think I may have only clicked on the link because we have the same name, but I followed because you're hilarious! My blog is and I mostly write about books really, I do a book review every Wednesday. Eve's blog looks awesome, unfortunately my laptop's being a bit weird and I couldn't look at the other two

  21. Love love love your blog :) Im a newbie so excuse the lack of posts!

    J x


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