Life Update: Sugar, Stairs and Security Guards

Over the past couple of weeks, I've been putting in the extra work to get ready for summer. This is something I try to do every year, but always without a doubt fail. As I am allergic to exercise (I like to think) all my emphasis goes into what I put into my mouth. I've been on or tried, a lot of fad diets.. And last year, as some of my friends and family know, I lost a fair bit of weight because I was not putting much into my mouth at all. A crazy fad diet which did work, but made me so grumpy and tired all the time it was hardly worth it.

The truth is, I am never going to be a teeny tiny model size. My dad is 6'3, I have wide hips and I am extremely er... shall we say 'blessed' in the chesty department of life. All the exercise in the world is not going to change my body structure and genes. But after losing even more weight travelling last year, I realised there is no secret. Eat less, exercise more and you will without a doubt lose weight. So this year I am trying something new. There are no under 600 calorie diets in my life, I am not on any Atkins or Cambridge money-making-scheme, instead I am simply eating clean. I'm drinking homemade smoothies and eating salad daily, I'm abandoning fizzy drinks (asides from special occasions..), I've even given up gelato and pizza for lent. And I've not broken it yet! Can I hear a WOOO! (Too soon? Too soon).  I'm not donning my trainers and going for runs because that may just kill me, but I do walk a lot. I choose to not get the bus, if I have a free afternoon I go to Parco Ducale. And it is all, totally working. 

Parco Ducale

In other life factors, I have finally fallen up the stairs. The time was going to come sooner or later, and I'm surprised I lasted this long. Not only did I fall up the stairs for the first time, I actually fell twice within one day. And the second time there were spectators. As a human liability, I am well practiced in the art of 'getting up, laughing it off and trying to look cool', but it's a lot harder to do that when you speak so little Italian.

Speaking of the Italian language, I have also had a run in with a security guard. The event took place at my local supermarket where the security guard always seems to be following me or looking at me. And until the other week I thought I was just being paranoid. Wrong. As I was walking out of the shop I heard a 'Uh, Mi scusi Senora', and turned around to be faced with said terrifying security guard. Immediately I start babbling some awfully put together Italian, about how I'm English and not a thief and a LOT of 'Mi dispiace! Mi dispiace'. To which, he looked at me funny, told me he was from France and asked for my number.

Real smooth Alice.
I just wanted to put this lovely house in the post somewhere!

A further highlight of my life was dropping my brand new, bought that day nail varnish onto the floor at 1am. The bottle smashing on impact and coating my laminate flooring in a lovely green colour. An hour later and I was still scrubbing, freezing to death from the open windows and holding a cloth over my face so as not to be fumed to death by the mixture of nail polish, nail polish remover and stain removing disinfectant. 

I hope everyone else has had a good week! Apologies for the chatty nature of this post, I am all about informality at the mo! 

Ciao for Now! x

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  1. I loved the chattiness! I have to say I've stacked up the stairs a fair few times myself ahahahha, it's surreal to say the least! Luckily for me when I stack I do just tend to mumble and run away to some place I'm comfortable and normally that works, thank the Lord! Your life does sound a little tumbly at the moment aha, I do hope the nail varnish didn't kill you and that you're having a wonderful week otherwise! Take Car Alice!