Valentines Day for One

Ah, valentines day... arguably the most criticised holiday of the year. 'You should show the person you love how you feel every day', 'Hallmark have created this holiday just for money', 'The day to make all singletons feel as lonely as possible', just a few examples of tweets and Facebook status' I read every single year. Well ladies, I for one do not jump onto this bandwagon of hate. Any holiday to me is a cause of celebration, whether or not I'm single, so instead of crying into a heart shaped pillow about how I will never be loved and understood, I embrace this lovey-dovey spirit. And instead, turn it all onto myself. 

That's right, I could care less about the roses and the flowers and the bubble baths all my friends are being inundated with. Usually this day consists of me and my single friends getting together, eating chocolate and ice cream and pizza, but when you are 1000 miles away and don't have a Vanessa-Carlton-type-man to walk the distance, you can bet V-Day is going to be spent alone. Don't get me wrong, I would never say no to a romantic dinner or a massage from an Italian bloke, but realistically this is just not going to happen. Instead I shall be donning some ginormous Bridget Jones knickers, eating copious amounts of chocolate and ice cream and focusing my attention on a series of Leonardo Di Caprio films. Who knows, I may even take a razor to my legs and light a few candles to impress myself. 

So maybe my Valentines day will be spent wondering the ice cream isles of the supermarket instead of lingerie at Ann Summers, and maybe I am ever so slightly depressed Ed Westwick is not waiting for me in all his glory when I return from work. But I myself am looking forward to the prospect of over-eating, staying cocooned in my duvet, and drinking wine from the bottle. Essentially, my standard weekday night.

Ciao for Now!