Life Update: For the Greater Good

I've started a little theme here with my 'Life Update' posts. I think every so often I will give you all a life update where I simply write a little post about how my life is going and just to check in and ensure people I am not lying in a ditch at the hands of an Italian man or, my own cooking. As you may notice (I hope you have, I have been hell bent getting it to look right), I have changed up my blog a little. Believe it or not, whilst html coding is a forte of mine in life, choosing colours and backgrounds really, really isn't. So, for the moment I am keeping the whole blog white because I can't settle my little brain on a particular background I like but  hopefully it will change soon.

Over the weekend, I developed a sore throat/cough, and despite my better judgement, I went out on Saturday night. Not my wisest move. I awoke the next day, with tonsils the size of golf balls and the inability to talk. Literally, I could not speak. However, I went out with a friend of a friend, and we got on famously. The pain of the next day was also lessened as I met four men (do I call them men or guys?) from California, whilst I was out and all of them were absolutely lovely, so there is hope for me yet. 


Unfortunately, the result of one night out has taken its toll on my body and after a trip to the Doctor's yesterday, I am now on antibiotics and have to put a powder in my drink twice a day which makes it taste like cat piss. Not quite the vision I had in mind when I decided to move to Italy.

None the less, I have made some new friends, on Valentines Day I even cooked myself dinner for one of pasta carbonara. A complete revelation to someone who believes pasta and pesto can be a bit too adventurous cooking-wise and next week I have a whole week off whilst my host family go on holiday. So maybe things aren't looking too awful after all.

Ciao for Now! x