I Hate Being A Grown Up

Happy February! I can't believe we're already into the second month of the year, where did you go January? I have lost a wee bit of the christmas (and more) weight, down by half a stone which is actually a slight miracle because I am not doing anything to help this. Although the 110 stairs up to my apartment has probably definitely helped.

I've been 18 for over 6 months now. Legally of age, responsible for all my actions etc... but to be quite honest with you, I would never really class myself as a 'grown up'. I think most people end up putting themselves in this category when they leave education and or move out. And as I fall into the latter category, at least temporarily, I've realized the times I can borrow a wee bit of dollar off my parents, or expect my kitchen to be immaculate due to a cleaning fairy, are long gone. 

When I pictured having my own apartment in Italy, my little brain focused on decoration, privacy and having my own bathroom....... neglecting to realise that whilst decorating and having privacy is an absolute dream, I am also having negative effects. Yesterday I had a real life adult day. 

Real life adult days do not always involve, as I once thought, going to meetings with big people, screaming at other halves, going for cocktails with girlfriends at 12 noon, reading books in cute cafes and waiting for a potential life partner to walk in... my day actually went as follows..

I went to the Super market (cue another breakdown about having to speak Italiano), and bought my weekly supplies. I then unpacked and after looking around, I noticed my apartment was crossing the line between homely and mess, and there was no one here to change that but me. Cue some marigolds, a lot of disinfectant and mr muscle- the italian version-, a sink full of soaking plates and cutlery, and a trip up/down said staircase from hell to drop off my rubbish bags, I was well into the swing of cleaning my apartment. 

I am currently playing a fun game called 'let's see how long I can wait until I need to do a clothes wash'. And although I do have a lot of clothes left, mainly because I've bought so many, I think the time will be next week. All my faves are currently in a bag for life (my new laundry basket). But as my little bambino is currently ill and the whole family mull around their apartment where I would be doing my washing, I'd rather wait until they won't be about to view my not-so-smalls etc. 

Despite this new found responsibility in life, I am also balancing it all out with coffee-turn-wine meetings, constant netflix watching. Also, my job revolves around making origami and playing lego for 3-5 hours a day. So I am not really in a position to complain, I just quite enjoy it. 

Ciao for Now!

(P.S. I still can't cook)


  1. lol I like your post. Adjusting to adulthood really is like a slap in the face. Sudden and cruel. But hey it has its perks. No curfew eh? :D ... among other things ;)


  2. I'm turning 20 in July and can one hundred percent agree with this post. There are about a gazillion and one things I like about being "grown up", but for every one of those there is almost definitely a con as well. Bills mostly. And trying to stick to a budget and having to take out the garbage when your roommate gets coffee grinds EVERYWHERE. (...but I'm clearly not bitter). Anyways, loved this post! Very relatable :)