Reasons to Love Being A Girl

Being any gender can have its tough moments, but generally, the rule of thumb is that guys have it better. We have periods, 9 months of putting on weight and belly ballooning, pushing out said baby, boobs (no one ever warned us how hard stairs would be bra-less), not to mention all the shaving, plucking, coloring we do to make ourselves look presentable. And then the sexism too. 
I can vouch for most females here, we spend a lot of time moaning about our misfortune in the hands of nature. Who can really blame us? But despite the moaning and groaning, I would much rather be a girl and put up with all of that, then be a bloke. I'm not saying I wouldn't change or swap a few things, but if someone had given me a choice at the beginning, to change, I would stay just the way I am. Boobs and monthly cramps included.

So I thought I would come up with a few reasons why being a girl is actually a fantastic thing. We are majestic creatures, we just need to be reminded sometimes. 

1) We can wear man clothes. See a jumper in the mens section? Go get it. Wanna steal your boyfriends shirt? Absolutely fine. If Brad Pitt walked out in Angelina's cami, a few (a lot) of eyebrows would definitely be raised.

2) Balding? Doesn't really happen to us.

3) The feeling after you shave your legs and get into bed. No guy will ever understand.

4) Matching underwear.

5) You can stare at and facebook stalk other girls alllll you want, and your boyfriend will just think you are a really really cool girlfriend. 

6) I know I know, Emily Davison didn't' throw herself under a horse for us to get free stuff.... but if you're offering to pay that bill... and buy me my drink... and let me take the first taxi... Well, it would be rude to say no..

7) Boobs. A con, but also such a positive. They're fun and they bounce and we get to play with them whenever and wherever we want. 

8) Animals and children love us. I don't know why. But they do. And the superior feeling when a puppy runs up to you instead of the guy next to you is just great.

9) Gossip Girl.

10) If we're on a really big ship that just happens to hit an iceberg, we get first dibs at life boats. See ya lads.

11) Girl talk. We can understand each other through looks, something which has taken generations of women to master.

12) Despite having to shave everything everywhere, we don't have to shave our faces. YAAAY!

13) We don't have to pee stood up with other people watching (and probably judging) you.

14) That whole circumcision thing.................................................................................

15) Not a looker? Make up. Spots? Make up. Bags under eyes? Make up. Hickey? Make up.

16) It's entirely possibly we will marry Leonardo DiCaprio some day. Or Zac Efron.

17) Beyonce is one of us.

18) Justin Bieber isn't.

Ciao for Now!


  1. So true! Lol @ the life boats. Not sure if this generation of men would be so chivalrous though.

    1. Women wanted "equal rights" so you can't expect chivalry at the same time. What makes a woman's life more important than a man's. It's hypocritical to say that women should be lifted from their traditional gender roles for the purpose of equality, but men should remain in their traditional gender roles when it benefits the woman. Women are the biggest hypocrites.

  2. Hello I'm a guy but I just had to disagree with a few things... like saying children and animals aren't happy to see men? Since when? As a dog owner and a person who has been around children, I'd have to disagree. It ultimately depends on the dog and/or the dog's relationship with the person. I've seen dogs bark & growl at women.

    Shaving legs -- a lot of male athletes shave their legs, and there really isn't anything stopping a man from shaving the legs.

    Yes men pay for things but that's out of kindness and friendship. A woman should buy things for men too, especially if she's in a relationship with him, otherwise it makes her come off as selfish and golddigging.

    When it comes to using the urinals, no one's judging or embarrassed since it's pretty normal and expected to use urinals in restrooms. If a man is feeling self-conscious, he can always use the stall.

    About the Beyonce/Bieber thing... there's a fair share of douchey/trashy female celebrities -- Miley Cyrus, Lindsay Lohan, Kim Kardashian, etc.

    1. Hello! Thank you for reading my post, I completely appreciate your comment but I can't help but feel you've taken the whole blog a little too seriously. I am a 19 year old student and my opinions on life and women and men and all things ever are going to be very different to yours, this wasn't a piece to rise an argument or to be controversial, it was just a tongue in cheek post which I enjoyed writing and which went down very well. Whilst I do believe in what I write, of course there are times where I am not always being 100% serious. I would never expect a man to pay for me all the time and obviously animals and children like dogs. But these are very obvious things and to be quite honest, I never expected anyone to take it quite so literally as to get worked up about it. Never the less, thank you for taking your time to comment.