Life Update: How to Pack for 8 Months

Despite the extremely misleading title of the post, this is not actually about how to pack for 8 months. It's more a post just talking about the fact that I am packing, what to bring, how I am planning to get my life into a suitcase, and how I am separating the vitality's from the things I can probably live without (which sadly includes my extensive mug collection). 

If any of you have just joined my blogging adventure, haven't read a post where I mention it or haven't read my about me,  on the 24th of January I am moving to Italy. The country of pizza, the pope, fashion capital Milan, pasta, gelato and world renowned sexy men. I'm off to the city of Parma (yes, parma ham...), where I will be au pairing for a family and looking after an 8 year old boy until the beginning of September. 

When people think of Italy, most picture blue skies, hot summers days and extremely tanned humans, basically the polar opposite of England. However, although the summers are like that, as I am off to the North of Italy, it is very climatised and the winters are cold, wet and snowy, and the summers are hot. Which creates a slight dilemma for me, as I am having to pack for two completely different seasons. Although I appreciate I will be able to buy things out there, it is nice to have home comforts and clothes I know I can rely on to feel good. 

I started packing yesterday and have already almost filled my suitcase. Shoe wise, I am bringing, Chelsea Boots, Dessert Boots, Nike Blazers (low) and practical sandals for when it gets warmer. I bought some nice ones for when I went travelling and even though it's important to look good, I have a very weak ankle due to a recurring injury, so I have to have support in all my shoes... no Primark plimsolls for me sadly. However, Primark underwear and socks is a totally different matter and last weekend I took a cheeky trip to Bournemouth with my aunty, and invested in about 10 pairs of socks, and 123423623 pairs of knickers. Seriously, if anyone is ever underwear-less in Parma, come a'knocking and I will have a brand new pair waiting for you. My clothes-picking has been a lot more tricky. I didn't even realise how much I had until it was all in front of me. I went through each draw and picked out the necessities that I knew I would need and wear. These included mostly jumpers, leggings, tights, jeans and tops but I also packed a summer dress and my favorite pair of denim shorts for the later months! The task I have yet to come to is packing 'bits', like photos, DVDs, books, posters etc... As my 'host family' have said I will have my own apartment, I am really excited to decorate it a little with pictures, bunting and fairy lights, just to make me feel that little bit at home. However, considering how full my suitcase is already, I may have to re-evaluate how much I can realistically bring. Once again, mugs and notebooks will be extremely limited. 

Ironically, I am writing this post as procrastination from actually finishing packing. Choosing things is becoming tedious and I am at the point now where I would honestly quite like to be on my way. In other news however, I have suddenly become the most popular lady in my little Dorset town and my last 2 weeks have been a series of lunches with friends and family to say farewell. Anyway, I best resume packing up my life and/or avoiding it with other activities such as Netflix and food. 

Ciao for Now! x

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