Goodbye Old Me

On monday I started 'first day of the rest of my life' phase trillion. Because I have done this a trillion times. However, and please do not hold me to this, this time, for the first time, I have motivation from myself. Not just from other people. Me, me, me, me. Terribly selfish I know. 

Over the Christmas hols, I took the festive season as the chance to work just enough to justify spending lots of money on myself, and then spending the rest of the time horizontal eating left overs and watching endless amounts of Gossip Girl and Desperate Housewives. Whilst that is the agenda I would love to be leading for the rest of my life, in the real world, it creates thunder thighs, muffin tops and breakouts. And although that sometimes feels like a small price to pay to avoid human interaction, live in over-sized knickers and have Ed Westwick inches from you, realistically, I had to put an end to it. So on the morning of the 6th, I set my alarm for 8, got up at 9, and started my brand new life.

So what life changing actions did you take on Monday 6th January Alice? Well, for starters, I bought notebooks. Lots and lots of notebooks. As many will know, stationary and mugs are the keys to my heart. Notebooks of all shapes and sizes, I have no limits. Which is how I came to stand in front of the counter in the WHS sale with a total of £30. Thirty-bloody-pounds. Do I regret a penny? Absolutely not. And will I do the same again in a couple of months? Absolutely. I bought my notebooks for a number of purposes, a real grown up 2014 diary for starters (v. swanky), a couple of A4 sized notepads to jot down lists, songs, story openings that I never finish and I also bought two A5 notebooks, one of which will be an every day, write down your life, diary. I kept a diary for about 6 years, before slowly slipping out of the habit, and writing whilst travelling just reminded me of how much I enjoyed noting down my thoughts. Not to mention, the entries are hilarious when you read them back five years later.

Before I start sounding like a crazy notebook human, in two weeks I will be moving to Italy. The country of pizza, history, the leaning tower of pisa, and millions of sexy dark tanned italian men. Don't mind if I do. So what have you been doing to prepare for this life changing experience of foreign country-ing for 8 months, Alice? Well, until this week, nothing. I have learnt the bare minimum of Italian (Hello, My name is Alice, How are you beautiful chicken), I had not started packing or sorting out clothes, I had no idea of what I was going to do about university finance thingymabobs etc. But today I took my first step in the right direction, straight into a building terrifying to anyone with less than twenty quid in their account, the bank. I sorted out account options for Italy (well, the nice lady behind the counter did). I also went into a phone shop and sorted out my phone life, as it is a terrifying thought being without my current one, but the family I am moving into have promised me a phone on an Italian contract. I even popped into Specsavers to get some contact lenses so when I get off the plane, I can see the family without ginormous bug eyed spectacles. 

All in all, a very successful day.

Tomorrow is day 4 of the rest of my life. I have fully decided that the way to not become a cocoon is to plan ahead. Obviously it's nice to have days off and throw on your onesie. But tomorrow, I have lunch plans, I have day plans, I have an itinerary which means I have to roll out of bed, shower and look presentable to the rest of the world. Three things which I should probably do more often, and will be from now on. I have put my onesie in the wash, given my neglected winter legs some TLC, and even given my room an early spring clean. And I would definitely recommend it to the rest of the Alice's in the world. 

Ciao for Now! x


  1. ah i love this post! every monday i start the rest of my life... so of course, that means i'm starting next monday. expect a post like this on my blog on the 13th! haha notebooks are the key to my heart too... i religiously keep a journal/diary of all dates and appointments and deadlines and it is the best! :) happy new year (new year new you!!)

  2. I FREAKIN' LOVE BRIDGET JONES'S DIARY. It's one of my favourite movies ever, and it just made this post such a bloody enjoyable one.

    Also, I hope Italy treats you well! And good luck :3