Weekend in Leeds

Since embarking into the life of the gap year student, I have done, well, nothing. Being a waitress means my days have consisted of getting up at noon, watching some great (or horrendous, depending on how you see it) day time TV, filling out a line or two of university applications, eating and then going to work. At least, something a long those lines. 

However, this weekend I did a strange and extraordinary thing, I decided to leave the confinements of my little Dorset town, and head into the big wide world of cities. Namely, Bristol and Leeds. For those of you who don't know, Bristol is in the south west, about an hour north of me, and Leeds is in the north... middle-y bit... there's some accuracy for you. 

Thursday was my friend Charley's 21st birthday, thus I caught the train up, expecting a fair bit of drinking, a lot of food, and a lot of presents. And I was most definitely not disappointed. By midday we were hitting the cocktails (*please note, I just like the odd drink...) and had eaten some divine foods... definitely not Wetherspoons or anything... 

After a lovely night of wining and perhaps a bit too much dining, we collapsed into her extra comfy bed, whilst I contemplated suffocating myself on the pillows at the thought of my coach journey the next morning.

However, in the morning the excitement of seeing Emily in Leeds overcame the nausea I felt for sitting on a coach for 6 hours, plus the fact I knew I had to get over it as I had a 10 hour coach journey home. So, after legging it to the station as I was (of course) running late, I found myself waiting in line in front of a very very very VERY tall dark and handsome stranger. These types do not come along very often, as most of us girls know, and although a coach station may not be the most romantic meeting place for my future husband, when he looks like that, you will take anything. After find a good coaching position (not too far forward, not too far back) I noticed that said man was sat in the seats opposite me. Of course, I was nervous and excited, could this be the man of my dreams, could this be the bloke they talk about? He certainly looked good enough.

No longer had these thoughts passed my mind then they were crushed in the shape of a tall, blonde, stick insect like girl with a face that made me think she was a human unicorn. She saw my man and within a matter of seconds was sat next to him. For the next six hours, I sat opposite the two of them chirping away like the happy little effing elves. 

Not even bitter.

The rest of my weekend was spent drinking, watching Grey's Anatomy (usually in bed with Emily, whilst severely hungover), shopping, and playing Singstar, maybe a bit too competetively, with the rest of her house mates. A game which, if you wanted to know, I am Queen of.

Ciao for now! x